Southern Baptists condemn gay Scouts policy but won’t force a boycott

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More than 5,100 Southern Baptist "messengers" met in Houston for the Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. RNS photo courtesy Van Payne / Baptist Press.

More than 5,100 Southern Baptist "messengers" met in Houston for the Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. RNS photo courtesy Van Payne / Baptist Press.

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(RNS) While expected, the Southern Baptists' statement against gay Boy Scouts stopped far short of calling for an all-out boycott, as they did in 1997 with the Walt Disney Co. to combat what they saw as the company's gay-friendly policies.

  • Little 2Note

    Southern Baptists should just start their own boys program, and they can call it “Hate Scouts”. Or better yet, call it “Christian Hate Group”…that way, it would simply have the same name as their religion.

  • NightOwlTechie

    I’ve always been confused about those Southern Baptists, as with any religion for that matter.

  • NightOwlTechie

    I agree. They will always hate, how very “Christian” of them

  • Ric

    They already have a group for boys called the Royal Rangers. The Royal Rangers is similar to the Boy Scouts and have been around for a long time. Hopefully the Royal Rangers will see a large swelling in their numbers as the Boy Scouts are bound to see quite a reduction in their numbers.

    The only Hate I am seeing here is from those of you who feel that homosexuality is a good thing.

  • Ric

    I apologize I was confusing the Royal Rangers with the Royal Ambassadors. The Royal Ambassadors are the Baptist group and were formed in 1907; whereas the Royal Rangers were formed in 1962 and are affiliated with the Assemblies of God. Both the RR and the RA have many similarities to the Boy Scouts just more closely related to their respective churches.

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  • Gary


    At this point a majority in the US think there is nothing wrong with homosexuals. And considering there are nearly 3 million, 100,000 haters won’t be missed in the long run.

    Bapists are more than welcome to go off and cloister themselves from the world, and turn scouting into glorified Bible camp, which mean would already like to do. Fortunately for many of us, Church has its place, but it doesn’t rule our lives.

  • Simon

    GET OVER YOURSELF! Seriously? this is just plain stupid. If your religious beliefs say do not be gay, who cares. That does not stop PRIVATE NON RELIGIOUS institutions from admitting OTHER AMERICANS to their community. If you do not like it, TOO BAD. Don’t send your kids there. Make up your own camps where YOUR OWN PRIESTS DO NOT MOLEST CHILDREN. Oh wait, that’s right, THEY ALREADY DO.

    Really? Get over yourself. Condemn your own “religious” leaders.

  • how long can you wallow in your own filth……hate is hate is hate…and all it brings to you is hate and more hate….you are a sad reminder that your bible teaches nothing but hate and intolerance…..and that is only toward shell fish eaters

  • michael

    i was a boy scout in the seventies…was exposed to 10,11 and 12 years who were aggressive sexually and it was swept under the rug….I recently commented my story to big news outlets such as huffington on aol. new York daily news among others who not only removed my comments but continue to sweep the truth under the rug, citing respect for a choice of sexuality when ignoring the fact that young men don’t always abide by their (foolish parents and teachers) and assault other young people….don’t believe me–your a complete fool and you not only assisting boys who cannot controls themselves you create sexual rape and assault….the church will hold its ground due to the truth.

  • michael

    you are blind and saturated by judgement. grow up.

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  • michael

    you don’t know the church nor the will of self…..should we all think like you?? oh most already do.

  • michael

    I see the life of jesus on earth as a loving diety walking thru filth and selfishness not willing to believe whatever you(or they) may think or say…..and they reply….” he hates us”.

  • Homer Anderson Sr,h

    I was a boy scout in my early youth. I was happy to be a scout. It taught me to be a better human being. I would not change anything for my experience.I am strictly opposed to allowing known homosexuals in the organization.

  • Kellic

    So what is the definition of a hate group again? Oh…yah…right….expressing your “rights”. Sure, you can justify calling it whatever you want. Hate is hate. Any you know what? God and Jesus WILL judge you someday. Last I checked there is like one line in the Bible about gay. Plenty of stuff about hate.

  • Kellic

    LOL. So you most likely were a Boy Scout along side a gay person back then. What is the difference? Oh right. Intolerance.

  • flick69

    Just another reason I gave up religion years ago, too much hate. When I was young I remember church talking about Jesus and love, but that’s all turned around now. It’s all about who they can attack next, and trying to elect Presidents by influencing their congregation and criticizing things instead of trying to make them better. I even saw a meme that said “God loves Guns”. People are leaving the church in droves, and instead of church leaders taking a long hard look at themselves, they would rather say people are straying. Well, I strayed a long time ago and I’ve been living a very happy and fulfilling life. I don’t go around trying to have young people kicked out of everything because of an outdated illogical belief. Gay teen suicide rates are high….and some wonder why. Personally I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror if I did what these so called Christians do. If I believed, I would be confident in saying that people like these that try to repress and pick on kids will have a special place in hell. You really think Jesus is going to high five you and say “Way to go!!”? I think not…

  • Kimberper

    Hey Ric~ Guess what? Love is ALWAYS a good thing.

  • Kimberper

    Anybody ever stop to think that maybe the Boy Scouts are actually purposely ridding themselves of hateful, bigoted people, in one simple, easy step? 🙂

  • flick69

    And I bet you’re a Christian as well. Do you like picking on kids? And exactly how do you know there weren’t any gay youth in your pack? You don’t. I’m not gay, and all I see is a bunch of heartless adults, so full of righteousness and hate, they can’t see past their ignorance. Gay teen suicide rates are up due to depression and non acceptance. How do you live with yourself knowing that the way you think destroys the lives of these young men? Probably ok, because people like you justify your actions by a few lines in the bible. We’ll see how that helps on judgement day. Because like I said in another post, if you think you’re going to be praised in the afterlife for what you and people like you are doing, you’re sadly mistaken. Luckily though, there are many loving people out there combating hateful people like you, and they will continue to win, because it’s the right thing to do.

  • Tim

    Good reporting, Adelle!

    Of all the counter-gospel resolutions to pass, this has to be at the top of the list. Gay people have always been in scouting, just as they’ve always been in churches. Shutting down a scout troop just means the church is loudly proclaiming that such people aren’t welcome. I can’t imagine Jesus giving a religious leader advice along these lines if he were in his earthly ministry in the present day.

    A sad day for SBC.

    My take on why churches should embrace the opportunity the BSA policy has given them:


  • Tom

    Please remember that Boy Scouts is about the boys, agendas to promote one stand or another should not be fought out where it harms America’s youth. Please do not tear down this long standing organization that helps so many boys try to become trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, curious, kind, obedient, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent young men. America needs all that they can get, LOOK AROUND!! They are just boys, they don’t care what National’s policies are, they will treat everyone with kindness, they take an Oath to. Boy Scouts is not a hate group, I believe once people that are running it now leave their positions and they realize that the organization did not fall apart because they let openly Gay Boys in, just like the military, just open the closet door, let’s all adapt and move on, so we can get back to the Boys learning and having fun.

  • Frank

    There is nothing loving about supporting, encouraging, condoning, celebrating, accepting or remaining silent over sinful behavior. Having SSA is not a sin, acting on it however is.

  • Frank

    Gay teens are committing suicide because the selfish people are encouraging them to make their sexual attractions their identity so they themselves can feel better about their own life.

    Pitiful that those supporting homosexual behavior are using these teens for their own advantage.

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  • Jeffsf

    Ric..”The only Hate I am seeing here is from those of you who feel that homosexuality is a good thing.” Your statement does not even make sense. Did God or Jesus ever use the word hate…not in my bible. The Baptists should be ashamed of themselves. These are kids that need love and nuturing…not evil words and exclusion. Do you know how many dinner table conversations have been generated by this action? As the younger generation is so much more informed I hope you are prepared for kids start speaking up and saying .this is no big deal and why did the church turn away from us and stop the support? I think we are all going to see a backlash which the SB’s did not expect.

  • K.Y.

    Whenever I hear the words “Southern Baptist”, I reach for my gun…

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  • gilhcan

    Most Southern Baptists are contaminated with the same virus of ignorance and prejudice as the South is culturally and politically. Southern religious and political activities continue to demonstrate these ugly prejudices for the rest of the country that does not spend much time in the South to see these strange, ignorant, and wicked phenomena. The North and West are bad enough, the South is extremely evil.

    The South continues to be the biggest factor of obstructionism in our do-nothing Congress, all based on ignorance and the evil that ensues. It would have been better to simply emancipate the slaves, invite them north, and let the South secede. We have been functioning like two antagonistic nations ever since the Civil War.

    Saving “King Cotton” for economic reasons was the real purpose of the Civil War, not emancipation, just as preserving slavery in our original, unamended Constitution despicably preserved despicable slavery. What good is it to claim we are the “United States” when we have always been so deeply divided?

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  • Crystal

    One line in the Bible is all it takes. If God said it, then we should abide by it. Whether it’s in one line or in several lines. 🙂

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  • CJ Nunya

    Right they are haters, becuase they have standards and actually try to model Christ. When did Christ ever say oh year sorry for that Sodom and Gomorrah deal. Dad was really having a bad day, what an embarrassment for me and the holy spirit.

    As much as you seem to like to make Christ all things to all people he was not. He would say things like go and sin no more. Forsake all others and follow me. He demanded sacrifice and change. You call this hate.