Monday’s Religion News Roundup: Papal Bike Blessing * Christmas in June * ‘Good Samaritan’ Booted

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Harley-Davidson 1450 FLHR Road King - photo courtesy Dédélembrouille via Wikimedia Commons (

Harley-Davidson 1450 FLHR Road King - photo courtesy Dédélembrouille via Wikimedia Commons (

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In case you didn’t get a steady stream of social media reminders, Father’s Day was yesterday.  “I’m gay, my dad’s a pastor, and … we’re working on it,” read one of the many father related pieces, this one from The Atlantic’s Sexes channel. Pope Francis blessed thousands of Harley Davidson motorcycles and their riders visiting […]

  • Dale Randolph

    Please delete one of the RNS emails. I’m getting duplicate copies.


  • Marty

    How could you miss the wonderful article in today’s Boston Globe about ELCA New England Synod Bishop Jim Hazelwood and HIS motorcycle ministry? The pope’s not the only who’s on about bikes!

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  • Kevan Scott

    For once I agree with Ms. Palin but not for the reason she cited. Like she would know what she was doing as POTUS. Fertile? Has the Republican Party come to this, discussing who’s more fertile and what racial groups are more fertile?? Amazing. Other than that all I have to say is another great roundup by Ms. Bailey!

  • Sarah Pulliam Bailey

    Marty, you are right! Here’s the link, folks:
    The Globe doesn’t have a religion tag so it can be hard to catch them. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Sarah Pulliam Bailey

    Dale, do you have your email address entered twice? I don’t think it was sent out twice.

  • Sarah Pulliam Bailey

    Thanks for reading, Kevan.

  • Deep fried cheese curds? Does this man have a death wish? Suicide by deep fryer, perhaps? My cardiovascular system recoils…

  • Sarah Pulliam Bailey

    As someone who has lived in Wisconsin for a few years, I can attest that they are delicious. I may have lost a few years of my life, but they were well lived. 🙂

  • David Herrera

    Hi Dale,

    You can email me at with any details you have about the copies of the roundup you received (such as the addresses they were sent to), and I’ll look into it.