• The immigration debate means nothing if White genocide is not addressed. White genocide is being carried out by requiring ALL White countries to take in millions of non-Whites from the developing world and forcing White people to “assimilate” with all these non-Whites. Anyone who dissents to this program of genocide is called a “Neo-Nazi” or “racist.” ONLY Whites are denied the right to countries, communities, and institutions. Africans, Arabs, Jews, and Asians are free to have their own spaces to pursue their interests and live within their own cultures. Whites are denied this right, and in the Western media and educational systems Whites are portrayed as inherently bad. Miscegenation is glorified and encouraged. This isn’t the case in African, or Asians, or Jewish countries. ONLY White countries are required to “celebrate diversity.” This will lead to the end of White humans on earth. This is genocide.

  • David Thompson

    And just who did the white people have to kill to take the land to begin with. Let’s see, white people killed 18 million indigenous people of the Americas, between the 17th and 19th century. Stop your whining you Nazi, fascist, racist.

  • Allan

    Actually, the Amerinds were quite adept at killing each other. They need no help from Whites, who brought them civilization, education, and modern medicine to help them live.