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  • Earold Gunter

    All I can say is HOLY SH%T, this guy has serious anger issues coupled with major delusions of grandeur.

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  • Phil Hamilton

    I wonder if there is a spiritual abuse hotline…this guy needs to be turned in.

  • Jim

    When a congregation tolerates a megalomaniac preacher it risks becoming Westboro Baptist Church

  • Mike

    When he talks about “establishing his own little kingdom,” he knows what he’s talking about!

  • Kegan

    At least the man is worth .15 cents but that preacher is worth nothing! You don’t have to be too spiritual to see that his haughty attitude is way wrong! There is a time and place (in an office) to counsel people. The Bible says, “ALL have sinned and fell short of the glory of God” so who does this preacher think he is?? “I’m somebody”, really sir, if u were somebody you’d preach truth to these people (the Word of God) and lead them to follow Jesus, not you! Submit to you with respect? Sure! Live for you? So wrong…sorry, nothing gets me more angry than a lying preacher!!

  • Barbara

    Good grief. Puts religion in a bad light. I wouldn’t want to be married by this nut!
    Congregants, take thee to another church.

  • happycamper

    This is something more pastors need to do. instead of skate around the issues and be motivational speakers.

  • Digrdug

    Just what issues that others “skate” around was he addressing? Condescension? Belittling? Meanness? Bullying? Self importance? “. . . I’m important . . .” not even THIS is important. From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. I pray that those in his (little “h” intended) church won’t turn their back on His (capitol “H” intended) church and the good loving, encourage (motivational?) people that it is made up of. Those that love, serve and seek to be like Jesus. I did not see Jesus in this man and don’t tell me about the tables in the temple and righteous indignation as this preacher was not concerned with the reputation of God but his own. Period.