• Pat

    I hope you’re right, Michael. I’ve about given up hoping for any kind of change in attitude, and that’s sad.

  • NurseBob

    What a surprise that an encyclical by the pope on the subject of love extols the blessings of married love as revealed by God and taught by the Church for twenty centuries.

    What a surprise that those activists for same-sex “marriage” criticize the encyclical because it doesn’t bless their idea of marriage. Because, you know, it’s all about them.

    Get a clue, people: the Catholic Church is not going to change her teaching about gay “marriage,” no matter who is pope, or how “pastoral” he is.

    Mr. O’Loughlin sounds like a “Michael J. O’Loughlin Catholic” rather than a Roman Catholic. I’ll stick with the real deal.

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  • S. George Khalaf

    Has there been any change in the Roman Catholic Church since the early centuries? Of course, there has been a lot of change even in recent history.

    Is change necessary? Of course, it is necessary otherwise the Church would fossilize and die in the hearts, as it has in the most Catholic of countries.

    Matters that relate to the fundamental doctrines of faith are fixed such as the Trinity, Virgin Birth…etc.; however, what relates to civil matters that relates to personal and interpersonal relationships can and will change. Morally sound matters like Ordination of Women, Contraception, Gay Marriage…etc. will come when those in the hierarchy and laity “grow up” spiritually much like our brothers and sisters in the Episcopalian / Anglican Commune.