Joel Hunter pays a price for political activism

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President Barack Obama shares a laugh with Pastor Joel Hunter, center, and Joshua DuBois, Director of the White House Office for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, in the Oval Office, Feb. 1, 2012. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

President Barack Obama shares a laugh with Pastor Joel Hunter, center, and Joshua DuBois, Director of the White House Office for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, in the Oval Office, Feb. 1, 2012. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

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(RNS) Over the past decade, Hunter and a cohort of younger, evangelical leaders have called on others to lower their voices and shift the political center of gravity from the far right to the pragmatic center-right. Ten percent of his church members left.

  • The polarization in this country is getting out of hand, especially with religion and politics. This is certainly not what was intended.

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  • Harold

    The reality is that there are alot of Christians who are more loyal to a particular political party than to Jesus. Many become very angry when their gods are challenged. Grateful for the likes of Hunter.

  • Kevin

    I think it’s disturbing that someone considered a call for civility as a “left-wing talking point.” Just shows you how brain-washed evangelicals on the far right have gotten when they begin to consider even some biblical values with suspicion because it conflicts with their political views.

  • Rev. Hunter is to be commended for his willingness to engage in the common good which is basic to the work of the kingdom of God, knowing that he will bear the animosity of people like Mark who commented above, who, in his contempt decided to lash out at his son. So unchristian. When I read stories like this one about Rev. Hunter it still gives me a little hope for the evangelical church.

  • Mike Feehan

    If Mark is unchristian as you say, what does that make Barack Obama, a supporter of murder/abortion, same sex marriage/SODOMY, birth control, and hardly ever goes to Church??? I sure as heck hope that you do not believe that he is a Chrsitan, DO YOU??? By the way, anyone that claims to be a spiritual leaders and advises Barack Obama who still supports murder and same sex marriage….Well, let’s just say that Joel Hunter is a total JOKE of a leader, don’t kid yourself….Any real man of God would be pretty bold and tell Barack Obama, you claim to be a Christian, you cannot have it both ways…Give that CRAP up…Joel Hunter is a JOKE, don’t kid yourself.

  • Mike Feehan

    Good for you….Don’t waste this time with this FAKE…Any man of God that claims to be an advisor to someone and that individual still supports MURDER AND SODOMY….Well, just goes to show you that Joel Hunter is an ABSOLUTE GUTLESS man of God….Any REAL man of God would tell Barack Obama the damn truth about MURDER and SODOMy and tell him to give it up NOW….Does Joel Hunter not realize that via James 3.1 in the Bible, he is going to be judged more severely????

  • Mike Feehan

    Common good, huh??? Does that mean people like Barack Obama who wholeheartedly supports the SLAUGHTER/MURDER of innocent children in the womb in the name of abortion??? Is that what you meant by common good??? Give me a damn break, Hunter is a joke. Go to hear a real man of God, for God sakes….

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  • Hi there Mark – long time, no talk since our lunch at Panera a while ago! Trust you’re well…

    Since you’re not a born again Christian (unless you were converted since the last time I saw you), let me proclaim a key theme of God since Christians in America in my opinion are asking the wrong question here…

    In God’s Word, the apostle Paul begins a doctrine in Romans 12 of loving our enemy…the unfortunate chapter break at 13 confuses both patriotic zealots and cherry picking proof texters about the role of government. The context is that God appoints all key government leaders (“governing authorities”), even Obama, Sadaam Hussein, and Hitler…and they bear the sword of civil order and justice.

    Why? So that we born againers don’t have to bear that sword. Paul’s point is that since God has His men-women in place, we Christians are free to love our enemy and be about the Father’s business…not involved at all in the evil, demonic, occultic governments of the world system!

    So, the question is why in the world is brother Joel involved in the world’s system where he can’t effectively counsel a governing authority, or himself obey, the Word without compromise? I know Joel Hunter personally, and went to the church of 200 people in the late 80’s where I for a while once taught the only adult Sunday school class. I even met my wife there!

    And why are most Christians in America mostly (only?) concerned with below the belt sins of sexual nature? When the apostles were preaching and writing about a whole lot more…

    Why even Cal Thomas got in on the act of calling Christians away from active civil involvement since their efforts have consistently failed, but more vital don’t square with the Word. see:

    So, we know what to do and where to spend our time by carefully watching what the early church did that “turned the world upside down.”

    If I ever see Joel Hunter again, I’d proclaim to him to be about the Lord’s real business…and soberly testifying to President Obama that he needs to repent of his sin, and if not (very, very soon) that brother Joel would need to obey Jesus and turn him over to Satan for the destruction of Obama’s flesh (1 Cor 5). This then is the love of God in Christ…

    Now that’s practical, modern day discipleship that prepares a soul to meet Jesus Christ on the “great and terrible day of the Lord.”

    And, Mark, let’s do lunch again soon…

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  • David

    How dare you fools judge another’s servant in this unchristian way (Romans 14, regarding Dr. Hunter and President Obama, as confessing Christians).
    Paul warned Timothy to have nothing to do with those who are divisive in the Body of Christ. I pray that Christians who read these posts will have nothing to do with your judgmental thoughts.
    Please expend your energy as a Christian in the ministry God has called you to in your own church and your own community.
    You are acting foolishly. You are captive to the spirit of our age that at this time is creating divisiveness according to political identities more than spiritual ones. You are more captive to your political ideology than you can possibly discern. You will not understand this, your eyes are blind to your lack of charity to brothers and sisters in Christ. Your posts are ridiculous when read beside Scripture. You hold a man accountable for the behavior of who he advises? Then please talk to Jesus tonight about his advisory role to Judas and call him ‘gutless’, call Jesus one who ‘claims’ to be a man of God. In fact, why don’t you tell Jesus he will be judged ‘more severely?’ He will say “I already took the more severe judgment so that you, nor those whom you judge, will have to do so.’
    So please prophesy to your own church or the two people who follow you on facebook.