• Stephen Early

    I am getting more irate at people who denigrate Pope Benedict. Let me be as blunt as I can, Pope Francis has been promoted above his ability and he is not half the man that Benedict was. He lacks Benedicts culture and the vision to ensure that the catholic restoration begun by Pope John Paul 11 was completed, Pope John XX111, who is soon to be canonised, is proof that a Pope can maintain all of the trappings of office (including the coronation, the red slippers, the ermine trimmed mozetta, the sedia gestoria) and still connect and be greatly loved by all the people, and still be a person of holiness, sanctity, humility and simplicity. Because the office of Pope is one of great dignity and all the external trappings are intended as a means of ensuring that the Pope is surrounded by great beauty and that this beauty points to an even greater divine beauty that the Pope is the bridge to as the Vicar of Christ,.
    Francis, with each step he takes, is slowly demeaning and undermining the dignity of the papacy.To that extent let me state in the clearest of ways that the College of Cardinals has made a mstake in electing this man and that he is slowly reducing the papacy to nothing more than the parish priest of the vatican.

  • NurseBob

    Allow me to disagree with Mr. Early in the strongest of terms. Pope Benedict XVI was a great pope, and I truly believe that his contribution to the clarity of doctrine will not go unnoticed by history. But, his greatness is not in contrast to that of Pope Francis. Rather, both reflect the beauty of the Church. Pope Francis is, by personal example, calling all people to service to the poor and to remember that our personal actions reflect our priorities. I can only pray that his example will rub off on my own bishop!

  • cyriac mathew

    The comment sounds like a comment from my bishop or priest.