• Frank

    Can I get the few minutes of my life back I spent reading this drivel?

  • Frank

    My gosh I just saw that this guy consults with churches? About hat? How to show bias and hatred?

    Please let us know which churches you have worked with so we know which churches to avoid.

  • mike

    This essay is absolutely true. I wish it weren’t so.

  • Julie Carter

    WOW !! That’s stark !! As a political wonk and follower of Jesus, I completely concur with Rev. Ehrich.

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    WOW! I haven’t seen such a hate-filled screed in a long time. I didn’t realize how totally evil our conservative brothers and sisters are.
    Maybe this writer should learn how to make his points without designating those who disagree with him as some sort of satans.

  • I can see the truthfulness of this blog, but the blog seems a little biased towards views that conservatives may not even have. Politicians on both sides are influenced by special interest groups and they have to conform to these views for fear of losing support…

  • Kelly

    Thank you! It is way past time for our religious and political leaders to be calling the theo-political right out on their violations of both religious/spiritual principles and American values. Please do this more often and louder.

  • Tom Downs

    Rev. Brescahan, I don’t see the hate or a suggestion that if you disagree you must be a tool of Satan. The facts speak for themselves. Unfortunately, too many of us have been soft-peddling the truth so as not to hurt someone’s feelings. One thing I question: that they have declared war on America. That would require telling us what they intended to do before they did it. In fact, when given a chance they simply did these things, made war on the American Dream and many million Americans.

  • Frank

    Quite sad and hypocritical.

  • marty

    The political Christian be he right wing of left wing is still political and politics belong this world. What does a Christian and the world have in common….?
    For all our faults (we Christians who have political opinions) we need to express love as well.
    I think I am a right winger, not far-right and I am not a rich, racist, homophobic cigar smoking fat guy or any other stereo-type you could throw in. I am so because I am not left wing and I am not left wing because the left (nearly everyone I know) are idealistic without a foundation!
    Everything is moving to the Day of Judgement. Left or right, right or wrong!

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