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  • Jon Cleland Host

    I don’t have, nor have read, Reza’s book. However, much of the content in the npr piece matched information I’ve learned from other sources, and an excellent source came to mind – the teaching company. They record University lectures from the top scholars in the field, and they happen to have a really good course on the historical Jesus. It’s available on audio, making it easy to find time for (I have listened to many of these courses on my commute – including this one). Here is a link for it. You might be interested in getting this as well as Reza’s book. – Jon http://www.thegreatcourses.com/tgc/courses/Course_Detail.aspx?cid=643

  • Lauren Markoe

    Thank much, Jon.

  • There was no “historical Jesus.” There is not a single shred of evidence contemporary to the alleged life of Jesus.