Religious groups face uphill fight in House on immigration reform

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Supporters of immigration reform gathered near the U.S. Capitol on June 25, 2013, during a week of daily prayer gatherings organized by the Evangelical Immigration Table. RNS Photo by Adelle M. Banks

Supporters of immigration reform gathered near the U.S. Capitol on June 25, 2013, during a week of daily prayer gatherings organized by the Evangelical Immigration Table. RNS Photo by Adelle M. Banks

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(RNS) As the immigration reform debate has moved from the Senate to the House, evangelical leaders will be back on Capitol Hill and Catholic university presidents have urged Catholics in Congress to act. But the question remains: Do these groups really have any influence?

  • David Thompson

    Yes those GOP Christian Conservatives would not really want to act like Jesus and have compassion. It’s more profitable to keep the immigrants illegal, so they can treat them more like slaves than humans. When they are illegal they will do more work, work for less, and of course no benefits. Jesus would be so proud. Thank god for Christianity; a religion to subjugate and oppress.

    When a GOP opens his/her mouth, nothing comes out that even resembles the teachings in the New Testament — Nothing! They are all hypocrites. “You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell? Matthew 23 its about are current day Pharisees, the politicians.

  • Carol

    American or non-American is just a question of time; at one time you were not Americans and time will come many who are now non-Americans, will become Americans; so let us concentrate who and what you are at present, living in this country as a contributor since decades; there is a rule in some countries that if you live in a house or utilize a piece of land for x many years, you can actually claim to be the owner and do the necessary paper works to officially claim it to be yours. So much for the millions in shadows since decades who will be here forever. So the issue right in front of us did not just erupt and will not vanish away; it will stay.
    Before I talk about why we should or should not care about people outside our country who may or may not come here in the future, I want to refresh your memories that the U.S. has done a lot for many countries by supporting them and contributing in many ways that cost trillions of dollars. Therefore, we should not ‘worry’ too much about what they will think if we help these here and not those there …. unless we want to use it as an excuse.

    If immigration reform is passed – it will not only benefit millions in the shadows and our economy, but it will actually help those outside (future legal immigrants) BECAUSE IT WILL CLEAR THE PATH and they will no more need to wait for years to get their application processed …. this will start rolling the engine and the passengers will now, finally see the train actually coming towards them for boarding.

    The arm-wrestling that is going on between the parties and people being used as gadgets to strengthen the wrists, is not only in-human but it is embarrassing for the reputation of the U.S. being the super-power. Not to mention, the speeches of the female representatives open our eyes to the class they belong (lacking good manners, culture, sophistication, & education). So, who is to claim that these millions in the shadows are not standard enough to be allowed to be one of us?

    If God forbid, we have a civil war, the same people who are blocking and opposing the immigration reform, will be living in guilt forever to have not acted when they had the power.

    They worry about their seat (Districts) but they don’t worry about the Nation and the future of the party; it is like holding on to a chair but not worrying about the house; what will they do with the seat ? sit in the road-side all alone or worse, with people pointing their fingers at them blaming them for what they did or did not do?

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