• Actually, Zach has helped raise nearly $360,000 thus far for the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Research Fund hr set up at Children’s Cancer Research Fund before he passed away. Proceeds from ‘Clouds’ are expected to add more than $100,000 to that total which will significantly help research find causes and new treatments for this bone cancer.

  • Fran

    Thankfully, God’s kingdom or heavenly government will put an end to all sickness and disease, even old age and death that mankind has had to put up with for a long time (Daniel 2:44; Revelation 21:1-4) as well as bring back to life on a “cleansed” earth those we have lost to death because of sickness, disease, etc. (John 5:28,28). We have marvelous things to look forward to on earth!!