Residents evacuate Seaside Heights on an rescue vehicle the day after Hurricane Sandy landed. Tuesday, October 30, 2012.

Friday’s Religion News Roundup: Reviving Latin * A Retweetable Pope * Faith in Horror


FEMA is still denying aid to religious groups hit by Hurricane Sandy, even though the House voted in February to approve a bill that would allow faith-based groups to follow the same reimbursement process as private nonprofit organizations. A Senate version awaits review by a subcommittee, according to the Asbury Park Press. An 18-year-old Mormon missionary who survived cancer also survived the crash in Spain that killed at least 80 people. There’s much to read about Pope Francis around World Youth Day, including how the vigorous pace of the “slum pope” is leaving his staff “destroyed.” And is calling Francis the “humble pope” implying that other popes were not humble?


Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly listings – July 26

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America’s Resilient Sikhs – One year after the mass shooting of Sikh worshippers in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Sikh leaders tell Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly’s Managing Editor Kim Lawton that their community has become stronger since the attack, with more optimism and hope.  Sikh leaders are campaigning nationally to get more protection from hate crimes and racial profiling.   They are also lobbying for Pentagon permission for Sikhs in the military to wear their traditional turbans and unshorn hair. The Contemporary Art of Tobi Kahn – At his studio in Long Island City, Kahn creates a vast variety of modern artwork – glazed wooden boxes, synagogue murals, small flowers and huge installations – all with an awareness of the spiritual dimension of his work.  And, as Kahn told correspondent Bob Faw, he has found that his work can bring peace to those at the end of their lives. Pope Francis’s Trip to Brazil – Pope Francis traveled to Brazil for World Youth Day this week, his first international trip since becoming pope in March.  How did his message of poverty and humility resonate with Catholics there and what challenges did he face in the Catholic country that is now experiencing an increase of evangelicals? Host Bob Abernethy speaks with Father Tom Reese, senior analyst for the National Catholic Reporter.

GetGetReligion: Francis in Brazil

GetReligion Pooh-bah Terry Mattingly is of the opinion that when the pope takes a trip, the mainstream media only care about its impact on “real life in the real world,” and so play a game he calls “spot the political sound bite.”

Yesterday, yoga helped me soften my heart and release my anger. I like that in a spiritual practice.

Yoga and the Melting of a Heart

To me, “melting” or “softening” in yoga is when I can hold a challenging pose without straining or gritting my teeth or just praying for it to be over. Emotionally and mentally, it is a letting go. But can I take that sensibility with me to work today?