Muslims oppose possible Raymond Kelly bid for Homeland Security

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry shakes hands with Raymond Kelly (far right), Commissioner of the New York City Police Department (NYPD), at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., on May 13, 2013.

Photo courtesy U.S. Department of State [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry shakes hands with Raymond Kelly (far right), Commissioner of the New York City Police Department (NYPD), at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., on May 13, 2013.

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(RNS) Muslims say that as head of the nation’s biggest police force, the commissioner oversaw a spying program that targeted Muslims based solely on their religion, showed poor judgment by participating in a virulently anti-Islamic film, and approved a report on terrorism that equated innocuous behavior such as quitting smoking with signs of radicalization.

  • Leo

    Who is doing the terrosim–is it Catholics, Hasidic Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, NO, it’s MUSLIMS. Therefore, commonsense intervenes well before political correctness. These are the groups that need to be monitored, but that is not to say that all within the group are terrorists. After all, when the mafia was committing crimes, law enforcement did not go to Swedish neighborhoods to look for them. They knew that they would be within the confines of their clan.
    So get over it already, what’s your problem.

  • Jerry

    Leo: (1) Muslims commit a tiny fraction of terrorist killings in U.S., varies by year but it’s around 4%. (2) since when do we target an entire group because of the actions of a few? That’s not how America operates. That brown liquid they sell at Starbucks – wake up and go smell it. It smells GOOD.

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  • Leo

    Hey Jerry, You need to wake up and read history from 624 onwards when Islam unprovokedly entered Spain and conquered. If it weren’t for Charles Martel, you would be on a prayer rug, and, perhaps, you are on one now.

    You are SAFE precisely because we do not employ PC. You need to be aware of what is happening in the world and what the Muslim Brotherhood stands for. Who is persecuting Bahai, Hindus, Christians, Jews. Why won’t the Saudi airlines permit Israeli citizens to ride on their airlines? America is not about using our system to subvert it.

  • Charles Humfree

    World wide, it’s Muslims who perpetrate most terrorism. If we didn’t take of ourselves using competent people, such as Raymond Kelly, we would see our violence and terrorist murder statistics go through the roof. Our country stands for everything that fundamentalist Islamists want to destroy. We desperately need the abilities and experience of Raymond Kelly to be applied to our security. I’ve been reading about this fellow for many years. He’s exactly the man for the job.

  • Leo

    Thank you Charles because you have commonsense.

  • Thinkingman

    The problem is whenever ANYONE commits heinous acts their nationality, ethnicity, religious affiliation ONLY is referred to if they are Muslim, pseudo-Muslim, Arab, African, African American – you get the point. Then those groups other than the aforementioned receive VOLUMES of dissertation of why, ensuring that the act is attributable only to that person or their co-conspirators. The Va tech shooter was doing it for Jesus. The IRS building plane pilot, the Sandy Hook, the Sikh temple killer, Timothy McVeigh, etc etc etc. Bush with his shock and awe, please tell me what did Iraqis do to deserve that collective punishment and slaughter? After Vietnam the USA will never disclose what they do to innocents abroad. This is why Snowden captured the attention. Naughty naughty. We want the American public to be concerned with Honey Boo-Boo and Kim Kardashian. Add up all those worldwide victims and the extrajudicial police shootings versus what the US does to Muslims worldwide pales in comparison.

    It is well known statistically that Caucasian males commit pedophilia. So maybe it’s time to profile every Caucasian male with a young boy in his presence. Sounds hurtful and ludicrous doesn’t it. Well just maybe that’s how Muslims and those thought to be Muslims feel. It seems like we Americans never learn our lesson. This young nation seems that its goal is to destroy nations and civilizations who were thriving for thousands of years. Perhaps the Roman and Persian empires could lend a light to what eventually happens to great empires when they act uncontrollably.

  • Alex

    @ Leo & Charles I am not sure if you can see this video but if it does not work, you tube a video called ” The paradigm shift ” if you are an objective person, you see a lot of truth in that video but if you are just ignorant of the what our own government is doing or plain hater, than of course I am not about to get into typical high school rants here in comments but please do comment on the video if you manage to watch it. Peace!!!

  • Alex
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