Moral Monday demonstrations are spreading around the country. Next up: Chicago!

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Reverend Barber, in Asheville's Mountain Moral Monday.

with permission, from Micah Mackenzie.

Reverend Barber, in Asheville's Mountain Moral Monday.

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The spreading of Moral Mondays could mark one of the important resistances to the takeover of democracy, and the organization of faith communities on behalf of the most vulnerable people in society.

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  • ALEC encourages all Americans to actively participate in the public policies of this country. ALEC understands and expects that some groups may oppose solutions that emphasize free markets and limited government. ALEC respects these disagreements. It is disappointed, though, that some have chosen rhetoric over honest discussion by attacking and distorting ALEC’s nature and record.

    ALEC provides a venue for earnest discussion on important economic issues. ALEC does not lobby in any state. Its model bills and resolutions are public policy resources for state legislators. To the extent any ALEC model bill is successful, it is because it provides legislators and their constituents with the kind of free market, limited government solutions they want.

  • I wish you could see how your very language actually reinforces the ominous nature of ALEC’s work. “ALEC encourages… ALEC understands….ALEC is disappointed.” Who the heck is ALEC. And where are the people, as in “we the people”? You decry “Rhetoric over honest discussion”, but offer no factual rebuttal of any of the points raised, nothing about the investigations in the blog, by The Nation, by Bill Moyers, by others.
    And this is nothing other than
    This is what it sounds like:
    “free market, limited government”? Indeed. Free of citizens, limited from transparency. As for the rest of us, we will keep working to get our democracy back.

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  • daniel mays

    It would be good if there could be weekly Moral Monday activity in Chicago. Does Moral Monday have contact information?

  • Youssef El Ashmawi

    Thank you for bringing Moral Mondays to my attention. I will try to support any such efforts in my area.

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