Lady Gaga’s Burqa: appropriation ≠ liberation

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Lady Gaga wearing some pink nightmare of a Burqa

from Policymic

Lady Gaga wearing some pink nightmare of a Burqa

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Gaga's appropriation of Burqa is not women's emancipation. Appropriation is not liberation. No, this is nothing short of taking the projected image of an “other” (Burqa-wearing women), pretending to free them from prison of otherness and plunging them into an abyss of anonymous hypersexualization.

  • c

    You must not have listened and understood the song. Lady gaga always has an artistic message, and you have badly misinterpreted it. Here is a response that I agree with

  • Luther

    You do realize that this song was just her messing around with some friends one night in a hotel room, right?
    It’s not going to be on an album or anything. Just her experimenting with her friends.

  • Maraya Ahab

    She did remark that in complete contrast to Born This Way’s politicaly infused music, Artpop will have a lack of responsibility, and listening to the provocative lyrics or Burqa i do see her point. She is a wild character, but she knows her audience. If she continued to churn out “Unity Anthems” her fans and fans-in-denial would tire of her. This is her staying true to her artistic vision, one that is always questionable but ultimately intriguing.

  • Austin

    It’s funny how you say that she copied Madonna with this burqa look. You pull a Madonna picture from 5 weeks ago. She announced burqa months back AND she wore the burqa in the picture you’re referencing months back as well. So take that “copy” and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

    Also, Burqa isn’t titled Burqa, it’s titled aura. An identity, not a fashion choice. She says burqa all of once or twice in the song in its entirety. She dodges the controversy. But all you reporters have to think about it stirring up controversy.

    Good day sir.

  • Dave K

    Why do Religious Zealots (all religions but mainly Islam & Christian) , feel the need to dominate people & their individualism & subsequently mentally brow beat them into submission.
    The entire basis of any religion is one of forcing compliance to the money making machine that is the church by subjugation through instilling fear & causing.the humiliation of its followers.
    Every single attrocity ever committed in the history of mankind can be directly attributed to religion &/or greed.
    The biggest offenders of the 7 deadly sins & the most prolific breakers of the ten commandments are the very ones that profess to be above reproach.
    Let Lady Gaga say what ever she wants to say. You have a right to not listen if it offends you.

  • kenken

    It’s funny. You’re saying you’re “bored” with gags but yet you’re talking about her and using the fact that you’re “bored” with her to get people to view your blog. Clearly you have no understanding of what she was trying to bring attention to in that song. I suggest you go back and read over the lyrics, but this time get the know it all stick out of your ads and you might understand it better.

    I’m not saying you have to like it, I personally don’t like the song but like the lyrics, but I am saying you should at least give her a bit of credit to try and bring attention to something that is rather important. She could be like every other pop artist and talking about all of the superficial shit that doesnt matter. If you dont like the content fine. The idea behind it is what really matters…

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  • hello

    Austin: the word AURA has nothing to do with identity. Aura is the private areas, on both male and female. Men have Auras too. Please don’t think she put thought into this. She’s been on tour, heard different languages and met different ppl. I don’t give her the great smarts to attempt to understand much more than selling pop music to her minions, sorry, I meant monsters…

  • FYI: I don’t like the content, or the idea behind it.

  • dear Luther, when she shows up in premiers wearing this type of clothing, and on shows in London, it’s not exactly just messing around with friends in a hotel room. It’s a public statement. She has the right to make it, and we have the right to critique it. Peace.

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  • Nathanael

    Lady Gaga is a person with serious unhappiness and discomfort about her own body image (as she has said) and this should be viewed in that light.

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  • Leo

    We have freedom of expression in this country, and there are many things that I don’t like. I don’t like the fact that the “Book of Mormon” can be satirized without a riot, but I doubt that “another” book could be and you know the book.

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