Thursday’s Religion News Roundup: Lost at sea * Shattering the glass ceiling * Arab winter

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an illustration of a boat in a storm.

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A family lost at sea is back home. Lutherans (ELCA) elect a first female presiding bishop. Violence in Egypt, Syria mars Arab Spring.

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  • John McGrath

    Those parents fleeing to a remote tiny island are a menace to their children. Had they made it there they probably would have ended up starving. These people are delusional.

  • John McGrath

    As for religion and intelligence you’d have to divide the stats by quartiles or deciles. Undoubtedly tehre would be more believers clustered in the low intelligence tiers. But what matter would be the clustering at the upper tiers. And, sorry, some religions in the USA promote stupidity with their denial of science.

  • John McGrath

    I would welcome religious leaders making political endorsements from the pulpit. This would be the last thing that woudl drive liberal Catholics into leaving the Catholic church for reformed Catholic churches or liberal Protestant churches.

    If religion America wants to make itself the junior branch of the Republican Party let it. The Republican Party will continue to give lip service (except in some states) to religious issues while its wealthy elite continue their counter-revolution against the FDR reforms. Of course the increased poverty will drive people to the stupider versions of religion out there and the Republican corporate elite would probably subsidize these churches to get them to continue having their flocks vote Republican.

  • Kevan Scott

    John, You are right on in all your comments. The State Dept. paid their tickets home but should also beinvestigating the parents for endangering the welfare of their children one of which was born while at sea. Religious nuttery such as these parents exhibited should not be ignored but called out for the danger it is!

  • Hmmm. Well their intelligence sure hasn’t helped. They’re always being proved wrong.

  • Jules, an Orthodox Christian

    Liberal mainline Protestant churches and reformed Catholic churches are in bad shape already.

  • AZatheist

    Seriously. Is there not something of the Puritan foreparent/Mormon pioneer spirit in the Gastonguay family: at odds with the prevailing culture, setting off from Babylon, and trusting that God will provide a safe harbor?

  • David Thompson

    Let them say whatever they want, but stop the tax exemption. They want to be political then let them lose there church status.

  • I’m an atheist. Many of your readers are atheists. So if we are the reason why you are skeptical of the results of that meta-survey, you should probably start embracing those results. 😉

  • Yeah. They can say whatever they want from the pulpit, but they have to start paying their fair share of taxes.

  • The only way to prove an atheist wrong is to produce valid evidence for God. I’m waiting.

  • All theist religions promote stupidity with the denial of science. It’s just a matter of degrees unless you can produce some kind of valid scientific evidence for your theistic claims.