• Dale

    What is the worry about sharia law about, anyway? Why would anyone think that the religious code of islam might possibly become statutory law in the US? Is the concern just one of those conspiracy theories such as the Amero or black helicopters?

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    Maybe not black helicopters. But my wife and I were watching a TV show repeat from a few years ago. One of the characters was ridiculed as a tin foil hat paranoid.
    Fast forward to today and guess what–the tin foil hat paranoid was far more right than wrong about the things the show made fun of him for fearing. The things Mr. Tin foil hat was ranting about, from drones, to Gov’t storing of data about us, to TV cameras virtually everywhere watching us for the Gov’t and big corporations, to snooping through all our computers are now regular stories on cable news and the network evening news.
    Can sharia law be far behind????

  • Ken Shepherd

    So wait, the Oklahoma provision simply affirms something the U.S. Constitution protects against: religious law being used in civil legal proceedings. And yet this is unconstitutional?!

  • Leo

    Hindus and Buddhists have been here longer, and they make no such demands.
    Additionally, they don’t try to inflict their views on everyone else.

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