Monday’s Religion News Roundup: Conversion Therapy Ban * Egypt Turmoil * Interfaith Struggles

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, via Wikimedia Commons:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, via Wikimedia Commons:

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Gov. Chris Christie is set to ban gay conversion therapy in New Jersey. The death toll continues to rise in Egypt. And the interfaith movement is struggling.

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  • Regarding the interfaith movement the article only tells a part of the story. The movement is strong among other groups, which is a problem. While we should respect others right to their own beliefs we shouldn’t compromise Christianity to do so, which is inherent in the call to unify.

  • Doc Anthony

    Christian Churches and Clergy, it’s time to realize that a state-wide ban on “gay conversion therapy”, such as New Jersey’s, is aimed at YOU too. Especially if you still believe the Bible (these days, some do some don’t).

    And especially if you still believe that today’s Jesus is the same healing and cleansing Jesus of 1 Cor. 6:9-11 (especially that last verse where Jesus personally does some very powerful changes to the ancient Corinthians–the kind of changes that mean you’re not gay or lesbian any more.)

    Churches and clergy that still do things Jesus’ way, could wind up as targets someday under the new law. So how much are you willing to PAY for what you say you believe?

  • John McGrath

    The ban is aimed at the claims of pseudo-science, that is, a scam. If some clergy buy into this scam, too bad. They need to get a better education.

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  • Doc, this isn’t a theocracy. I know many Christians would like to be, but it isn’t. Christians have driven people to suicide by convincing them they are sinning and then using religious brainwashing coercion to “correct” their genetic nature.

    The law is a secular law and we live in a secular nation.

  • Kevan Scott

    John & Max: Right On! Hey Christians! If you are unwilling to compromise on even the smallest of things that doesn’t compromise your faith then you are not willing to see or empathize with others points of view or look at the world through their eyes. Jesus did do that & if you are unwilling to do it then you are not following the path of jesus. Futhurmore, the definition of one who can’t or won’t empathize with the feelings of others is called a sociopath. Look it up for yourself.