U.S. nuns strike a positive note on Vatican investigation

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Seattle Archbishop J. Peter Sartain, LCWR's apostolic delegate, is seen at the group's annual assembly Aug. 13. RNS photo courtesy Joshua J. McElwee/National Catholic Reporter

Seattle Archbishop J. Peter Sartain, LCWR's apostolic delegate, is seen at the group's annual assembly Aug. 13. RNS photo courtesy Joshua J. McElwee/National Catholic Reporter

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(RNS) After its four-day annual assembly, the board of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, which represents 80 percent of the nation’s 57,000 sisters, emphasized the positive and remained tight-lipped about negotiations over the doctrinal investigation launched by the Vatican two years ago.

  • Danny Berry, NYC

    Benedict was foolish enough to believe he could tangle with the American Roman household by trying to smack down the sisters–the sisters whose work is one of the few wholesome witnesses to the Gospel of Christ to be found in the American Roman church. Benedict is not a pastor: he’s a retrograde, doctrinaire, foolish little man whose isolation and countenancing of crimes against minors left him with no moral authority whatever. The new occupant of the Roman see shows promise simply be declining to be heavy-handed. And his approach as implied in the quote above is certainly pastoral. He’s obviously a much smarter man than his predecessor.

  • Austin

    Benedict is a great theologian and his works on Jesus will renew biblical scholarship. Your petty name calling makes you look stupid. While most of the nuns have done wonderful work, many of their orders have been hijacked by leftist politics and a despair about the church and its views of salvation through Christ. If you look at their orders’ web pages, you can see an undebated acceptance of a new age, environmentlist political viewpoint . Also there is little mention of classical Catholic spirituality or biblical spirituality. I was very involved in a woman’ religious order, and many who still are want Fr Sartain to do something to steer the leadership back. They are mired in the sixties, which is why young people today don’t join.

  • Marie Teresa

    To read the article, you’d think that LCWR included all religious orders.
    Not so! Religious orders which are loyal to the teachings of the Church are not members of the LCWR.
    The sisters that I see today teaching in schools and working in the community are wearing a habit and following the guidance of Mother Church. Their orders are bursting at the seams.
    LCWR is aging and dwindling.

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  • Manuel

    It seems as if you have a problem with left-wing Catholics? lemme just tells you that’s what makes me consider whether I want to remain a Catholic. I love the faith, but arrogant right-wings have a way of putting us down. I’d highly suggest you learn to appreciate those leftists that bring a different point of view to the Church. I’ve honestly been fed up. I disliked Benedict for his negligence towards the poor. Francis, is my only hope now.

  • MM

    The Nuts on a Bus are nothing less than apostates. They are social workers who reject Scripture and the authority of the Vatican. No true, decent Catholic would give the slightest credibility to what they say. They have greatly damaged the church for which I believe they will pay dearly.

  • theresa chan

    Thank you for setting the records straight. there are always rotten apples in every barrel, except in this case, most of the apples on top are all rotten. They will fade away in time.
    God bless those who are still faithful to the Words and doing His work.

  • Thinkling

    I am not reading any mentions of the responses of the LCWR to the specifics of the CDF report. Removing inappropriate materials from their website etc, there are actually several which should be easy to implement. The writer suggests this is actually because the LCWR were tight lipped, no info forthcoming etc. Is this the case, or has any of them announced steps taken to comply with the points in the report?

    Dialog is good when it yields actionable results through understanding, but it is less than worthless when it becomes a procrastination tactic to avoid doing what must be done.

  • Irene

    I think the most damaging thing about the CDF investigation is that it opened the door for a small extremist fringe of our Church to freely insult our religious sisters, calling them all kinds of names. It is a disgrace the way this minority has been publicly criticizing our religious sisters; the CDF bears full responsiblity for allowing this shameful behavior.

  • Daniel Berry, NYC

    evidently you haven’t heard a single word they say: their ministry is heavily laced with the ideas found in Matthew 25.

  • Mort

    They represent 80% of U.S. nuns according to the article.