Conservatives vow suit over N.J. gay conversion law

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has vowed to veto a bill that would make New Jersey the eighth U.S. state to legalize gay marriage. Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has vowed to veto a bill that would make New Jersey the eighth U.S. state to legalize gay marriage. Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

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TRENTON, N.J. (RNS) a national Christian legal group that blocked an identical law from taking effect in California earlier this year vowed to sue New Jersey, saying the legislation violates the First Amendment rights of parents and therapists.

  • Frank

    Certainly some methods are harmful but not letting confused kids get the treatment they deserve and need is nothing short of child abuse. People can be transformed.

  • Ben

    People can be transformed… from being gay to not being gay? Is that what you’re saying?

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  • Frank

    It possible and it happens but more likely it a shift of perspective not necessarily orientation.

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  • Jim Jones

    “People can be transformed.” Yes, there’s a lot of that going on in Russia now, they’re being transformed into having been beaten or being dead.

    Same motivation.

  • Ronald

    Bollocks. What you people are proposing is barbaric and the real child abuse. You try changing the shift in your perspective and live it and see how far you get.

    And if a child, younger person has some confusion on such matters as most teens often do, then leave them alone to work through it themselves till they are 18 years of age. Interfering with their natural development is the true abuse. I hope and pray to God they fight this with everything they’ve got. I’d sooner rot and burn in hell than hand myself or any young gay person over to these barbarians. Not only do they use fear of some after life hell to manipulate but will condemn their own children to hell in this world too. This is disgusting. They won’t win. There is a God and that God has always been on the side of the oppressed and marginalised. So suck it up ‘conservatives’. Work on your own conversion. Starting with heart transplants.

  • Frank

    Not treating a child who is confused psychologically is child abuse.

    As I said there are some methods that have been used that are inexcusable but the need for treatment still exists. These kids need help and they should be able to get it. I guess with laws like these the only place they can get help now is through churches and clergy.

  • Jean

    There are 8 major international twin studies that illustrate clearly that people are not born gay. Since you believe in God, then you should realize that God himself is the one who has condemned the sin of homosexual acts and determined the punishment for it. Therefore, he is the one judging, since the creation of man, what the outcome will be for those who engage in this sin. And it is a sin.

  • Licensed counselors are also banned from helping a person under 18 go from being bisexual to gay, or from straight to bisexual. Read the text of the law carefully. See: And see Wikipedia for our cultural definition of the term, sexual orientation.

  • Jack

    There is no “gay gene” in the human genome. This has been demonstrated many times.
    Therefore the gay way of life is deviant with respect to the Nature, probably due to complex psychological reasons.
    It is logical that the parents of a psychologically confused kid may be allowed to help their child to overcome that confusion and become back heterosexual.

  • Frank

    And there is an increasing amount of evidence that sexuality is more fluid than previously thought which means environmental factors have a huge impact. Counseling kids who are confused before they fully develop is critical and necessary.

  • ron

    You have no idea what you are talking about!
    How about you go through treatment to make you gay>?
    Think that would work?

  • ron

    You are not very bright
    How do you know?
    If people were not born gay how the heck can you say you were born straight?
    Just more of the crap people like you throw out without knowing what the heck they are talking about

  • ron

    Nonsense Who the heck are you and sick Christians to decide something like this?
    It is none of your business and you all should stay the heck out of peoples lives and just worry about yours and the sins that you are creating for yourself by being judge and jury

  • Anita

    No one is born gay, circumstances in their lives, like molestation by a person of the same sex, or even a relative of the same sex, distorts the child’s understanding of who they are. in our times so much is being taught to kids about being gay and the gay lifestyle, that they are confused, for sure. When I was growing up we were not taught negatively or positively concerning people of that orientation. We were normal kids and did normal kid stuff and were not saturated with this nonsense.

  • Martha Dancy

    I agree with Anita. When I was growing up, none of this stuff like abortion, sexual activities, etc were talked about. We went to movies and saw Roy Rogers and went camping and fishing, etc. I loved horses and we went riding. Our society was not saturating kids or anyone with sexual matters. I learned things as I grew up and had not hang-ups about it. Gay people had jobs and made no ruckus about their situation, either. I think our present society makes too much our of these issues and that is all anyone talks about. I blame society for all the problems we have today about sexuality.

  • as bishop tutu has said do you want to spend eternity wirh a god who is homophophobic or peple who hate you in this earth i am 75 and gay i would not want to spend my eternity with liberty counsel i pray they lose god loves everyone without exception gay straight transgengender my hearrt aches for young gay people in russia and if god is the essence of love why not can 2 humans of the same sex love each other it is far better than killing each other FREEDOM FOR ALL GLBT PEOPLE

  • Frank

    These kids need a lot of help and they should get it. Stop using them for your own selfish gain.

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