Tuesday’s Religion News Roundup: Breaking Bad * Nuns vs. Vatican * Facebook Gospel

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Breaking Bad, the cartoon recap. Courtesy of AMC.

Breaking Bad cartoon recap. Courtesy of AMC.

Breaking Bad, the cartoon recap. Courtesy of AMC.

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Will there be redemption for Breaking Bad's Walt? The nuns strike a positive note on Vatican negotiations. And keep your business off Facebook.

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  • John McGrath

    lol, the Bible thumpers already have an answer to Ann Fausto-Sterling’s research on those born differently sexed from your Biblical male-female. Some thumpers have started saying that disabilities in children are a punishment for sin, I believe abortion specifically. Now they can use the same logic against the differently sexed. Their love of a malicious God has no bounds.

  • Dan Sack
  • Lauren Markoe

    I’m sorry, Sunny. If I ever get to write about you again, I’ll get it right.

  • lember

    No one is questioning any of that, on the contrary we are proud of them, however now
    no longer they want to go back to their jobs but demand to be Bishops if not Pope,
    it is an utter turn around of their vows. Sad,

  • Kevan Scott

    John makes a good point. When I first lost my sight in “98 there were “Christians that suggested the following: 1. This possibly happened because of some undealt with sin in my life and 2. I could be healed if I just had the faith to be healed. How cruel is it when someone is going thru such a life changing event as losing one’s sight to say those things to him or her. Sadly, I’ve heard too many similar stories from others in the disability community. What happened to me as a result of those unintended cruel remarks is that I became much less a Christian and much more aware of the dislike of those different from the “norm” by those in the church. Oh, there are those who do minister to the different, disabled, poor, etc. but all too often those who claim the love of Christ don’t stop to think how their words will affect someone. I’m having trouble putting all my feelings and emotions on this into words so I’ll just leave it at what I’ve written, albeit a bit long winded. Thanks.