Quebec moves to ban religious headgear for public employees

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A doctor wearing a hijab.

Photo courtesy dboystudio via Shutterstock

A doctor wearing a hijab.

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(RNS) The measure would prohibit doctors, nurses, police officers, civil servants, public school teachers and public day care workers from wearing hijabs, turbans, yarmulkes and visible crucifixes or crosses.

  • oldskool

    Behold Quebec

    If it ain’t Homosexual its not happening in Quebec

    What a strange place

  • Richard Augustine

    Absolutely inappropriate comment!

  • Alan Burnham

    Parlez vous, “indépendance par rapport à l’État”. How about just plain individual freedom?

  • Moas

    Headscarf is wrong, but sodomy is OK.
    What a place!

  • MurrayC

    If you VOLUNTEER to wear religious apparel or jewelry – as long as you don’t use to deliberately persecute others or be persecuted by it – it does NOT affect me/you whatsoever. Over the last few years in the U.S., the talking point on gay marriage directed to the religious right has been “It doesn’t AFFECT you”. The same should work in the other direction as well – someone’s religious apparel/iconography should NOT affect different or non-believers.

    And I say this as an ATHEIST.

    And given how many YEARS Quebec has spent demanding their french language and heritage stay intact and prevent being persecuted (even to the point where home-grown terrorism became an issue) and now here they are doing to others what they have fought so hard to prevent from happening to them. “Hypocrite much, Quebec?”

  • Majora Luna

    Please explain to me how two consenting adults in the privacy of their own homes expressing intimacy affects you in any significant matter? I swear, you anti-gay retards obsess over homosexuality more than homosexuals do.

    Conversely, please explain how those working for the public good need their silly hats and trinkets to perform their jobs? What, “If you don’t like seeing a headscarf don’t go to the emergency room!”?

    You’re an idiot.

  • James

    No. It’s more like, “If you don’t like seeing a head scarf, get over yourself and deal with it.”

    I don’t think there should be a ban as long as we aren’t discriminating against which religious headgear people can wear. Having a place with a mix of Christians, Muslims, Jews or any other mix of religions and giving them each their own personal choice of displaying their religion is in no way, shape, or form officially endorsing that respective religion as it is a choice of the individual and not a placement of the government itself. If anything, allowing any and all religious headgear to be worn within reason is an endorsement of secularism in my opinion.

    Banning things you don’t like is imposing your own morality on someone else and makes you no better than the lazy parents who don’t want to take the time to control what their children are watching so they try to censor what everyone else can see or hear. It’s insane and wrong.

  • Bruce

    And what of potential cross contamination? And suppose this is only singles out muslims, Do you truly desire to have a doctor take care of you, while concealing their face?

  • MurrayC

    TRICK QUESTION. A Muslim woman would never be allowed to practice medicine in the first place! Nice try though

  • James Hogan

    You know, we speak about tolerance and see all the hipster bumper stickers with the ‘coexist’ one plastered across the tailgate of their subaru forester. Yet please show me which of the religious denominations that displays crucifix, or a yarmulke, or a turban, burns churches, or bans music, shoots girls for having the temerity for speaking out for the education of her gender.

    Now the one that demands eyes only veils, or beekeeper like garb for their women, and shows little tolerance for religious minorities. Burns embassies for an ‘insult’ against their prophet. This is the denomination that will cry the greatest foul for our ‘intolerance’. And we as, ‘tolerant’, non judgmental, diversity loving free spirits, will of course rescind the ban, lest we offend, our peace loving islamic neighbors-would want them burning our churches down, or burning our political leaders in effigy.

  • James Hogan

    Freedom comes with responsibilities, and those responsibilities are complying with the social contract of the country in which you reside. Muslims come to Western countries, then seek to impose their brand of religious law in incremental ways, all the while seeking the abridgment of equal rights for the sexes, imposition of religious dress codes in the secular arena, etc.

    Then they cleverly use the intolerance card to run interference for their political agenda which is to change the basic premise of Western Democracies-the freedom to be left unmolested by governmental or private concerns and to live your life as you see fit .

  • Geetha Mohan

    Sexy nurses with mini skirts. Wow…. I can’t imagine all running to get well quickly.

  • zarinrules

    Propagandic brainwashing of human beings into becoming terrorist factions by the US and its allies during the Cold War…millions of innocent civilians murdered by the hands of these same entities over decades in various parts of the Middle-East…interference into foreign affairs that have no concern to the US outside of its own borderline imperialistic motives…and you are surprised that selective numbers (noting that there are billions of Muslims worldwide) may react in such ways?

  • IanR

    No. I totally object to this form of social control. The use of the term “democracy” is a mockery.

  • Tim

    I’m a Muslim doctor, with my hijab and I’m not covering my face while seeing my patients. I’m covering my hairs and neck instead. That’s how I’m fulfilling my religious obligations. Did my patients recognized me? Yes, of course they do, up until now. Even 80 years old patient can recognize me, together with my name. And did they stop seeing me? Nah…

    I read about this contamination thingy, and trust me, we did took some precautions like folding our sleeves, washing and scrubbing our hands thoroughly before and after handling patients, applying disinfectant etc etc just like the other doctors did. It’s kinda weird when people are afraid of contamination with people wearing extra clothes. We washed our clothes just like we did with others garments and I personally even have some spares in my lockers (if I’m on call that day). Taking care of one’s hygiene depends on that person him/herself. Some of the doctors were not even bother washing their hands after examined patients and it’s not fair when the burden falls on us with religious headgear.

    I agree, some of them (patients) are reluctant at first when seeing me with my hijab. I often crack the same joke like “don’t worry, no bomb with me today.” Slowly, they’ll walk into my room. Some may hesitate at first, but 98% of my patients have their frequent follow-ups with me. Those 2%, not even bother entering my room. I don’t blame those 2% and I’m respecting their freedom of choices.

    Sometimes, due to some incidents, people judge and mistreat us, the Muslims as terrorists and conservative. Although majority of us are not.

  • Niko

    This article says that this rule applies to teachers and other public employees, too. Even if I concede to your argument about doctors and hygiene, why should teachers be banned from wearing religious garb?

  • Hadiya

    One its their right, two it keeps hair out of things like food and during operations and three, It would make other muslims feel more comfortable specially in a hospital… Why would someone be against another person covering their hair?Its their right and religion and it shows they have a good strong character trying to please God and follow His commands… Freedom of religion is good for everyone as long as your not hurting any one… Just think, would you want someone telling you dont wear a cross or a habbit, or a cap or whatever shows the world u r what u r? Be good people, stop the hate and racism amen

  • nmclark

    Surprise, surprise…. you are already picking on Muslims… is your brain that tiny and incapable of thinking about other beliefs than Muslims’? The ban is NOT only on Muslims hijabs or whatever you call is also affected OTHER beliefs / religions. YOU disgust me as a free and civilised human being living in Canada as you pretend to be civilised and understanding BUT you are actually a bigot and racist!

  • nmclark

    How does a person practising their belief affect your freedom? Do their clothes and trips to their worship places give you cancer or stop you from speaking your ‘just a plain person’ opinion? Oh maybe they make you look like you haven’t showered for a year or so?! Geez

  • Tremblay

    After the language police, they now have the religion police…
    Why can’t politicians use their time doing something that makes sense to their constituents?

    Is this what they’re paid for?

    Can somebody tell me what’s objectionable about the lady’s picture on this article?

    This is a very bad joke from elected officials.

  • Fontenac

    They’re not banning the Bible from the parliament. Why should a public official swear on a bible? Isn’t that a religious symbol?