Will the Catholic Right target Archbishop Chaput as ‘gay-friendly’?

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A series of recent developments are renewing questions about the Catholic bishops' alignment with the Republican Party, with much of the attention focusing on comments by Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput, who said he “certainly can’t vote for somebody who’s either pro-choice or pro-abortion.” Photo courtesy the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

A series of recent developments are renewing questions about the Catholic bishops' alignment with the Republican Party, with much of the attention focusing on comments by Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput, who said he “certainly can’t vote for somebody who’s either pro-choice or pro-abortion.” Photo courtesy the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

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The Philadelphia archdiocese is accepting donated school supplies for Catholic students from Office Depot, one of the most gay-friendly businesses in the U.S. Will that open Chaput up to the same kind of criticism that other Catholic groups have endured?

  • Interesting and critical news. Thanks for that.

  • Kevin

    Money, money, money………………selling the soul of the Church for a few dollars.

    When you partner with those who promote evil you ARE a partner with evil.

  • ChurchMilitantMama

    Well… since I consider myself on the “Catholic Right,” I have this to say:
    TAKE MORE OFFICE DEPOT money, Archbishop Chaput!!!! The less money that goes to the LGBT community the better!!! Office Depot has not raised their money immorally! They raised it by selling pens, pencils, stationary, etc. NOW, if Archbishop Chaput took a donation from an abortionist, or a prostitution ring, THEN, I’d be up in arms! Your comparison between accepting a donation from Office Depot and the CRS & Campaign for Human Development is faulty logic because there IS no comparison. One–the Office Depot–is giving money to the Catholic Church. The others–CRS & Campaign for Human Development—is US, the Catholics, donating money to them, who–as IRS filings have indicated, donate OUR money to organizations that cooperate with evil.

  • ChurchMilitantMama

    To be clear: Your comparison b/w the office depot and CRS & Campaign for Human development is faulty logic because:
    The office depot is donating $$ to the Catholic Church, the other taking $$ donated by Catholics–who–as IRS filings have indicated–are taking our donations and giving them to organizations directly cooperating with evil. WE cannot take our money and donate to orgs that are using it for contraception, sterilization, etc. We can, however, receive a donation for a source who has raised their money morally.

  • ChurchMilitantMama

    …if WE donate OUR money to organizations that use it to promote contraception, abortion & sterilization, then WE are cooperating with evil. (CRS, Campaign for Human Development, USAID, CARE, etc..)
    However, if we accept money from an organization that has raised its’ money morally (Office Depot: selling pens, pencils, & stationary), there is nothing intrinsically wrong with that. Again, if I were Archbishop Chaput, I’d ask Office Depot to give me more! That would just mean, less money going to LGBT!

  • It is good to know that the Catholic Church isn’t as blindly hateful as the Christian Right.

  • Ed Lambert

    I submit that Archbishop Chaput has nothing to worry about because his immediate superior is Pope Francis.

    A more important point: Why is Office Depot or, for that matter, any organization paying a bit of attention to an employee’s sexual orientation? A fair question to ask is whether Office Depot is favoring some “orientations” over others, in which case we would, once again, have an example of politically correct bigotry. Liberalism is full of this sort of bigotry.

  • Dave

    It is time we all become more gay friendly…

  • Lwolkow

    Good to know like a good little Christian you would rather be a bigot than to help children in need. Nice set of priorities sparky.

  • Lwolkow

    “Why is Office Depot or, for that matter, any organization paying a bit of attention to an employee’s sexual orientation?”

    Because its employees are asking for it and they are responding like responsible employers. More importantly why would it be any of YOUR concern.

    “Favoring” meaning, not discriminating against them or treating them badly as you would like them to do.

    Its funny how people who openly want to treat others as less than people based on what they are, like to pretend their opponents are bigots. Sorry, nobody has to tolerate your intolerance of others. That is not bigotry. Its speaking truth to power.

  • Ed Lambert

    Lwolkow, perhaps you iterpreted my remark regarding Office Depot in a way that I did not intend it to be taken. As an employer, Office Depot shouldn’t be giving a thought to an employee’s orientation, but merely to the competency of the employee to perform the assigned duties.

    On what moral ground do you accuse me of wanting any of OD’s employees treated badly or accuse me of being intolerant? I’ll answer that for you: Yours is a simple perspective: “What I want and like is right. I am the sole judge of that.”

    That’s a dangerous position for you to put yourself in–you’ve done it by your words, not by my judgments–because any other individual can claim for himself the same right, which might clash with yours. Then, it becomes a matter of “might is right,” a matter of who can use any method necessary to achieve his personal objective.

    You know nothing about my own relationship with gays–or whether I am gay myself. Nor I about you. Nor does any of it matter.

  • Lwolkow

    When companies are “gay friendly” it means they are going out of their way not to alienate their employees and customers by engaging in discriminatory behavior against gays. Its good for business, it keeps employees happy and productive. You make a phony argument that acting in such a way means gays are being favored somehow. More honestly its treating them like everyone else.

    Your snide remarks about Office Depot’s policies belie a bigoted frame of reference. You want to claim that not openly discriminating against gays is some form of unwarranted special treatment. Its the kind of bullcrap argument people put out when they want to support discrimination.

    Somehow wanting to be being to be treated with a measure of respect is a sign of prejudice. They just can’t tolerate your discriminatory and hateful attitudes, those lousy bigots! Btw political correctness is a fiction created by conservatives as an excuse to act like cretinous jerks in public.

    Your statements tell me everything I need to know about your opinion on such subjects.

  • gilhcan

    From Office Depot to Chaput… Can’t anything be done out of the plain, unadulterated love and charity that Jesus practiced and preached? Aren’t Jesus and his principles the very reason for church? Chaput himself needs to take a look at the unchristian, cruel mentalities he has helped to create. As for Chaput’s problems with past mismanagement of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, you can blame that everywhere on clergy having the final say about business matters, something in which they received absolutely no decent preparation. Of course, throwing the people’s money away on the sex scandals of priests and bishops and the cover-up by the bishops–with assistance from all the fancy lawyers and accountants they hire with the people’s money–doesn’t lend much toward good solvency.

  • gilhcan

    The conservatives of the Catholic Church are an encrusted breed that is dying out. They no more relate to the precepts of Jesus than Judas. They do not practice justice or charity. They are all wrapped up in a very selective monarchical history of religion and the church.

    Conservatives resent and resist the grand historical corrections and good ecclesiology that were the work of Vatican II. The church remains in dire need of those corrections. Unfortunately, John Paul II and Benedict encouraged the conservatives, having become conservatives themselves. Those popes damaged Vatican II by “reforming its reforms” as drastically as they dared. In the words of Good John XXIII, Vatican II was to open windows venting in fresh air to a stale church that had lost meaning to most of its followers. Francis seems to be following in John’s footsteps.

    Religion is too often distorted into a toddler’s security blanket against fear. It is misused by older people against their existential fear, their fear of death. Fear of death interferes with good and happy living. Religion should relieve people of those fears. It has failed badly, just as “the reform of the reforms of Vatican II” by John Paul II and Benedict have caused failure to many of the hopeful intentions of Vatican II reforms.

  • What you describe is not right or conservative thinking, but pure ignorance and contempt for mankind.

  • Pekosio

    Hey, gilhcan at least your honest when you suggest Popes JPII and Ben were evil. It’s easy to see your a liberal and I couldn’t be more opposed to liberal thought. When I say liberal I mean those that want no moral codes or boundaries and see no harm in doing whatever the INDIVIDUAL wants to do.

    Why even go to church, why have a church, no one is sinning. No need for God.
    Hope it works out for you.

    As for your comments that conservatives don’t practice charity or justice: BS.
    We conservatives perform charity directly instead of wasting all our time advocating that that some bloated bureaucratic government do our charity for us. Here’s a suggestion for all you liberals: go find a poor person and help them.