American Atheists leader wins fight for ‘ATHE1ST’ license plate

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David Silverman with retired "ATHEIST" New Jersey plate. Photo courtesy Dave Muscato/American Atheists

David Silverman with retired "ATHEIST" New Jersey plate. Photo courtesy Dave Muscato/American Atheists

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(RNS) "'Atheist’ is not an offensive or objectionable word anymore than the word ‘Jew’ or ‘Christian’ or ‘man’ or ‘woman’ is,” said David Silverman, president of the New Jersey-based American Atheists.

  • Earold Gunter

    Although I prefer to consider myself an anti-theist, most religious people would call me an atheist. David is a leader in the movement to abolish stupid superstitious (stupidstitious as I like to call it) beliefs that are and have been destroying human civilization for most of the history of man. Push the line David, that is the only way it will ever be moved. We need more people like you who are willing to stand up against the negativity that the term “atheist” brings about from the religious of the world.
    Live life, love people, without the promise of the carrot, or the threat of the stick.
    Good day!

  • Nate Bostian

    So, we live in a free country with free speech, and therefore I we should be able to have whatever bumper strips and license plates we want as long as they aren’t the bumper strip version of yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. So, of course I support the right of both religious and non-religious people to have obnoxious car-rears.

    However, will a mutual shouting war of obnoxious slogans and license plates make society better?

    The atheist written about here is tired of obnoxious religious license plates cramming faith down his throat? Good for him. He should be tired of it. Because putting a plate on your car that says “hey look at ME! I’m religious!” Is obnoxious.

    But is the solution to battle obnoxious with obnoxious? Maybe it is. Maybe the only way to make ones voice heard over the screaming religious voices is to scream louder. But maybe not.

    Is prefer a world where people kept their faith (or lack thereof) off of their bumpers, and instead chose face to face dialogue with people who are different than they are. But we have the messy gift of free speech, so that means we also can choose to scream at those we disagree with too.

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  • I’m pleased that David pressed this issue. As a Christian I want to honor David.

  • Aimaria

    I felt the same way….at first. The point is not really about license plates. The point is that there is blatant discrimination of those that do not hold belief. Today it’s a license plate, tomorrow it’s….the world! MUAH AH AHHH. Seriously though, this is a small battle won against a larger religious war.

  • John David

    I want “BOOBIES” on my license plate.
    How does that offend anyone?
    I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like BOOBIES and most people see them as a sign of fertility. What’s not to like?