Dr. Faheem Younus is a clinical associate professor of medicine at the University of Maryland. He is a frequent lecturer about Islam, winner of the Presidential Service Awardan award, and the founder of Muslimerican.com. Photo courtesy Dr. Faheem Younus

COMMENTARY: Keep doomsday religion out of the Syrian conflict

(RNS) At this critical juncture, where some religious leaders have issued an all-out warning of a third world war, quoting the Bible to support the “annihilation of Damascus” is like poling at an inflamed appendix; don’t manage it promptly and it may rupture, triggering a much larger regional war

COMMENTARY: Change at the top

(RNS) Many congregations feel obliged to have long interim periods between pastors, during which all vestiges of the departed incumbent are erased, as if the transition were a traumatic divorce and remarriage, rather than a normal fact of institutional life.


Liguori Publications Announces Highlights of Its Fall Season

Liguori, Mo., (August 2013). Liguori Publications, a leading Catholic publisher, is pleased to announce its fall 2013 collection of spiritually inspiring, as well as some visually exciting, titles for adults and children. Masterpieces from the Vatican Museums will grace the pages of an exquisite hardcover book,  Meditations on Vatican Art, authored by Mark Haydu, LC, STL, the international coordinator of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums. Available in November, this generously sized gift book pairs each thoughtfully selected art image with a reflection based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, as well as history and context notes. The book will delight both art lovers and spiritual pilgrims with the sacred treasures it presents.

Two-Thirds of Americans Want the Bible in Public Schools

NEW YORK, Aug. 27, 2013 – The place of the Bible in public schools has been debated since the 1963 Supreme Court ruling in the consolidated cases of Abington School District v. Schempp and Murray v. Curlett. The debate continued earlier this year with the Texas Freedom Network findings, “Reading, Writing and Religion II.” But as kids head back to the hallways this week, what do Americans really believe about the role of the Bible—and its values—in public schools? A recent study found Americans overwhelmingly (77%) believe morals and values are declining in the U.S., and 75% believe a valid reason to teach the Bible in public schools is because it would provide kids with the moral principles that are badly needed.

Miley Cyrus, VMA performance 2013

Miley Cyrus, VMAs, and “We the people.”

Most of all, this is not about Miley Cyrus. It’s about the patriarchal (and racist) culture that we all participate in, and about our own diseased hearts. The great Muslim sages were right: this “music” is simply bringing out what is in our own hearts. And it is we, we the people, not just Miley Cyrus, who are profoundly sick and diseased. It is not just Ms. Cyrus that needs a spiritual (and intellectual) awakening. It is us, we the people.