No to All, Yes to War: Republicans, Obama, and the rush to war

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John Boehner and President Obama shaking hands

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John Boehner and President Obama shaking hands

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What does it say about our Republic when the only issue that we seem to be able to achieve consensus on is war? Not on healthcare, not on education, not on taxes, not on housing, not on environment, not on gun control....only on war. Something is not right with us.

  • Salaama dear Omid:
    Put this way, a Whitman-like litany, it’s a political poem, and you’ve nailed it perfectly. Sad that it’s so true. Last days of Rome anyone?

  • Shehla

    Of course one cannot disagree with your points.its all true.war is nasty.US foreign policy has been hypocritical and of course domestic woes should be considered a priority. However I’m at a loss as to what any of this has go to do with Syria? So my understanding ( from your blog) is that if you see injustice in its most brutal gruesome form, a good Muslim (and I suppose a good American ) should say ‘tut tut ‘..pray for the souls of slaughtered children and then walk away ? Is that REALLY what Muhammad ( pbuh)would have done? So the world should seek approval from two despotic countries (who themselves have slaughtered their own people )to stop another despot from slaughtering ? Is the irony completely lost on an otherwise learned fellow like you? My sincere apologies, but I beg to differ, give me a fighter like Churchill who’s tenacious will confounded hitler and give me an imperialistic govt who stopped the genocide in Kosovo and is at least attempting to stop it in Syria. No, I’d rather direct MY ire on the spineless hypocritical leaders of the middle east, who could try and broker a peace but don’t care to leave the comfort of their ‘Sunni’ palaces or Shiite prayer mats.

  • Fran

    There is something “rotten about the state” of all human governments as they evidently do not govern with righteousness, justice and love. Only God’s kingdom or heavenly government can and will accomplish that for mankind on earth (Daniel 2:44; Revelation 21:1-4).

  • Thank you Sidi Abdal-Hayy. Coming from you, the very master of Muslim poetry in English, that means so much to me. May God preserve you, bless you, and keep you.