Quote of the Day: Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner

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“Where do you get the morality to judge me? Do you know who judges me? Not you. You don’t get to judge me because you have shown no sign you are superior to me, and you are not my God.” — New York mayoral candidate Anthony Wiener, defending himself after a customer at at a […]

  • Earold D Gunter

    Where does this guy get his chutzpah?
    No one is a God, but no one needs to be a God in order to judge his behavior. They are out of the norms of acceptable behavior in our society. I feel most sorry for his wife. She should realize he is living in an egotistical, self-denial world, and kick him to the curb. People with egos like this won’t get it, until it has all completely fallen apart for them.
    Live life, love people, without the promise of the carrot or the threat of the stick.
    Good Day!

  • tom

    this guy is a sociopath. He is a disgrace and an idiot.