Muslim mother seeks justice for the son she lost on 9/11

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(August 26, 2001) Salman Hamdani, an NYPD cadet and EMT who was killed on 9/11. Photo courtesy Talat Hamdani

(August 26, 2001) Salman Hamdani, an NYPD cadet and EMT who was killed on 9/11. Photo courtesy Talat Hamdani

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(RNS) It’s been five years now that Talat Hamdani has been able to talk about her son without crying, but she still prefers mostly not to tell his story. “It’s all over the Internet,” she said. She’s stopped talking about how she initially didn’t worry when her son, Mohammad Salman Hamdani, who was a cadet […]

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  • Michael Burke

    It was not “Islamphobia” (there is no such thing) that resulted in this mishandling of Hamdani’s name on the memorial. It was the fundamental stupidity of the memorial designers and officials. They did not want to identify any of the rescue workers in any way; to this day the memorial does not include the words “firefighter” or “police officer.” They did not want to identify Fire Chaplin Father Mychal Judge in any way ( a Roman Catholic priest; “Catholic” phobia anyone?). They did not want to group the people from the towers who worked and died together, 9/11 together. It was the families fighting them tooth and nail that accomplished all this.

    Nobody is against mosques in the vicinity of Ground Zero. They are already there and have been there. No one cares. The “Ground Zero” mosque, however, was an attempt by disingenuous, self serving phonies to impose their false point of view upon the site and visitors. It’s defeat was a victory for truth and justice.

    “Isalmphobia” is not the problem in America or the world today. See Boston, marathon bombing. See Nidal Hassad, Ft. Hood shooter. See the Times Square would be bomber and the subway would be bomber. Nobody holds 9/11 or these acts against anyone but the criminals or did them. What Muslims should be working on is eliminating the violent, crazy sect among them. That is the real problem.

  • Fran

    What should be comforting to Talat, the mother who lost her son on September 11, a most fateful day, is that her son has the hope of a resurrection back to life on earth during Jesus’ millennial rule in the near future (John 5:28,29), to be reunited with her and her family on a cleansed earth. God’s word, the Bible, makes it very clear that God’s kingdom or heavenly government, of which Jesus, God’s son, is King, will set all matters right on this planet, including resurrection of those we have lost to death, throughout all nations on earth, during that rule. Even sickness, old age and death will be done away with (Revelation 21:1-4), and wickedness will no longer exist (Psalms 37:10,11). So Talat, along with the rest of meek mankind, have something marvelous to look forward to!

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