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  • AZatheist

    I appreciate what you say, but this change in tone, novel as it is, is not all that liberating. As long as homosexual activity is listed in a long litany of sins, sins of which all humanity is guilyt, gay people will still be regulated to the “back of the church.” When a pontiff says that a man expressing his love and desire for another man sexually is no more a sin than shaving one’s face or having a ham sandwich, then progress will have been made.

  • Doc Anthony

    Gay activists all over America were pleased when Pope Francis said “Who am I to judge”? The Pope’s defenders tried so very hard to “explain” and “interpret” that one comment, knowing that it was a bombshell.

    But now it is clear that those defenders were mistaken. The gay activists have indeed correctly interpreted the new Pope’s green light. It’s absolutely no accident that mondo-liberal MSNBC called Francis “The best Pope ever.”

    What does the future hold for today’s Catholics? I don’t know. I’m just staying tuned like everybody else. But even while appreciating Francis’ emphasis on compassion and mercy, things are NOT looking good down the road.

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  • Bmj

    Michael –

    I do not see Francis making any changes in Church teaching. He is saying that there are many issues that the Church must take a stance on, and that the Church must teach with love, forgiveness and compassion. Francis is truly a breath of fresh air.

    Regarding your statement that Francis condoned ” gay civil unions “, there isn’t any proof of that, only hearsay from media outlets such as the NY Times, which can never be relied upon when it comes to Church matters.

    When making statement such as this, please provide some “back-up”, as statements such as these cause scandal among the faithful.

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