Remembering Edward: 10 years after Said

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Today we pause to recall the loss of Edward Said, a giant intellectual presence who passed away 10 years ago today. He remained committed that there is something ultimately redemptive about a face-to-face encounter of human beings with one another, and remained a steadfast voice of opposition to Empire.

  • sleepless

    Edward the humanist. We miss him, we read him, and we re-read him. Many issues that he pointed out are even worse today, and he clearly saw this. Edward the Palestinian. Still he never stopped defending co-existence. Edward the optimist. The critical mind with a kind heart. You showed us that silence in front of tyranny is supporting tyranny. Rest in peace.

  • Mohammed Ameen

    Thank you very much for the article …the videos links were quite helpful.

  • Fainula Rodriguez

    Thank you Professor Safi, for your touching remembrance of Edward Said. I heard him speak at the University of Washington in Seattle many years ago. My life was changed thereafter. You have described the towering yet graceful presence which was Edward Said perfectly-a presence which lingers on well beyond his passing. Thanks again. I am sharing a link of a eulogy/poem by Mahmoud Darwish for Edward Said entitled: Edward Said: A contrapuntal reading. Fainula Rodriguez.

  • I am really touched.Said’s message is univerdal and will remain relevant in the days to come. Thanks a ton for reminding the icon and his message.