• Ellen

    Wow! So excited, and how fun to see how my and LaVonne’s ideas came together!!

  • Congratulations, and thank you so much for the all-around awesomeness. You should have just received your Amazon card.

  • Also, a Facebook friend has just pointed me to a hilarious video clip that has the source of the “put a bird on it” notion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XM3vWJmpfo

  • LaVonne

    Love the bird making off with the B – great idea, Ellen! The cover now looks just right. And thanks for the Amazon card. I found it before I read your FB update, Jana, and I thought, Oh great, another scam… Blessed are the cynics, for their surprises are always happy ones!

  • Jerusha Neal

    “Put a bird on it” is from a Portlandia episode. Now you can sound as hip as me. 🙂 …. unless it showed up somewhere else first? (If you google the phrase on You Tube you can see the skit.) Love the Logo!

  • Jerusha Neal

    Ooops – should have read the comments. Sorry – you are “in the know” already!

  • Well, if “in the know” means “I found out about it half an hour beforehand and am now trying to act cool,” then yes. Sounds like I should add Portlandia to the list of TV shows I should watch once everything else gets done. Somehow that never seems to happen, though — how is that?