Kirk Cameron’s one night event proves to be an ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ success

Nashville, TN: – September 26, 2013 – Audiences have once again shown their loyalty and support for Kirk Cameron as the results are in from UNSTOPPABLE, which prove that audiences will head to the theater for quality projects, even on a weeknight. The estimated $2MM box office (unaudited numbers via Rentrak) would rank the film 1st or 2nd for Tuesday night, rivaling the Hugh Jackman/Toby McGuire vehicle Prisoner, which came in at $2.1MM. On Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2013 actor and producer Kirk Cameron debuted UNSTOPPABLE: A Live Event with Kirk Cameron in more than 700 select movie theaters across the country through NCM Fathom Events, in partnership with Provident Films.

More than 150,000 tickets were sold for UNSTOPPABLE in which Cameron was linked in live to theaters from The Vines Center at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. Select locations added an additional showing the same evening due to overwhelming demand.


Executive leaves company to live All In for God

Michael Phillips, minority owner and one of the original architects of the award-winning Louisiana IT firm Sparkhound, has announced he is leaving one of the fastest growing IT firms in the country to form a new organization dedicated to promoting his Christian faith. The organization is called All In, and was created to address the common fears, misconceptions and stereotypes that people have about Christianity. The inspiration for the ALL IN Movement started last summer when Phillips gave his truck to a complete stranger in a store parking lot. “It was an emotional thing for both of us, and God used that to begin this whole thing in me. I just decided that I knew what God wanted me to do was to leave behind the comfortable things I rely on and do this,” Phillips said.


Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly listings – September 27

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly is a production of THIRTEEN for WNET. Visit for additional information. Show # 1704 will be fed over PBS at 5:00 p.m. EST on September 27 (check local listings).  

Religion and the Affordable Care Act – With enrollment in Obamacare beginning on October 1st and some in Congress seeking to de-fund it, Saul Gonzalez reports on the role of religious leaders, both for and against it, in the many, multi-million dollar campaigns underway to sell the law to the uninsured.  A critical target is the so-called “Young Invincibles” whose participation is considered vital to offset the high costs of care for the aged. Pakistan’s Christians – In the aftermath of last week’s deadly attack on a church compound in Pakistan, Fred de Sam Lazaro reports from Karachi that one legacy of the West’s former colonialism is deep resentment among Pakistani Muslim extremists of everything they see as Western, including Christianity.  Meanwhile, Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy laws permit mobs to label any non-Muslim a target making many Christians fearful and causing others to flee the nation.

Next weekend, the LDS Conference Center will host its semiannual General Conference in this auditorium. Some women are petitioning to attend the all-male priesthood session on October 5.

LDS Church Responds to “Ordain Women” Movement

Twenty years ago yesterday, I went down into the waters of baptism. I did so with some important questions still unanswered, including why women were not permitted to make (or even be consulted about) significant administrative decisions or to exercise ecclesiastical authority in my chosen faith. Those restrictions did not deter me from going where God had called me to go, but they caused me to pray long and hard about my baptism beforehand.

Archbishop Myers, coadjutorized!

Appointing a coadjutor in Newark is a good step, but Rome will have to do more to demonstrate that it is serious about bishops who shield sexually abusive priests..


Remembering Edward: 10 years after Said

Today we pause to recall the loss of Edward Said, a giant intellectual presence who passed away 10 years ago today. He remained committed that there is something ultimately redemptive about a face-to-face encounter of human beings with one another, and remained a steadfast voice of opposition to Empire.

StoryTel Documentary to be Televised on EWTN for the 14th Time in 4 Years

OMAHA, Neb., Sept. 24, 2013 – StoryTel Foundation announces their documentary “Saint John Cantius, Restoring the Sacred” will be televised on EWTN for the 14th time in four years on Wednesday, September 25, 2013 at 6:30pm ET to 230 million homes worldwide as proof this story is standing the test of time. Saint John Cantius Church has grown in fame in the years following the premiere of Storytel’s “Saint John Cantius, Restoring the Sacred” on EWTN in May of 2009. People around the world in EWTN’s global Catholic network have connected with StoryTel’s presentation of this amazing true story of how an all-but-abandoned huge, old church, destined for the wrecking ball, became a thriving religious and cultural treasure again. Structured similar to an opera, “Saint John Cantius, Restoring the Sacred” uses the music from the choirs of Saint John Cantius to set and change the mood and to help drive the story forward.