• pamohamedameen

    Islam means complete, total, absolute submission to One true Almighty Creator of the worlds, believing that man is not to submit to any other deity in the form of idol, person, wealth, position, materialism, political power etc. When that happens man is really, absolutely free, independent and courageous..

    But submission involves sacrifices,

    Religious rites involve sacrificing time, foods, sex, conveniences, wealth, pride, position, look etc.

    In paying an obligatory wealth tax called Zakah( a certain% of excess net wealth) a Muslim sacrifices a portion of his wealth

    In fasting for a month during the month of Ramadan he sacrifices his food, drinks and sex for about 14-16 hours(day time)

    People both Muslims and non-Muslims understand the rational behind such rites like Zakah and fasting

    It is true people who perform haj do sacrifice their time, wealth, conveniences, sex life for a period of time .

    But by doing some of the unexplainable rites such walking around the Kaaba, throwing stones, staying at the desert camps, shaving off the hair etc the worshippers sacrifice the rationality and submit completely feeling that Oh God If I adore You out of fear of Hell, Burn me in Hell! If I adore you out of desire for Paradise, Lock me out of Paradise. But if I adore you for Yourself alone, Do not deny to me Your eternal beauty.

    .I ask no questions, I submit completely. That is the main purpose of haj