Canceled Christmas * Billboard wars * ‘Allah’ banned: Religious Freedom Recap: Oct. 7 – 14

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American schools “cancel” Christmas and Halloween. Atheists and Christians battle with billboards in Times Square. And Malaysia rules that a Christian newspaper may not use the word “Allah."

  • Kevan Scott

    Well, a weeks worth of religious freedom stories or more properly said a weeks worth of mostly religious freedoms being or attempting to be denied. My range of emotions went from depression to being glad to anger that some Christians say they believe but wish to make others believe by force. As in what’s happening in Bermuda this is wrong. Jesus would be embarrassed if he were on the earth today. Hey Christians, Muslims & all others who would force your beliefs on others: You only make potential converts angry when you try to force your beliefs and customs on them. Try love, because love conquers all evil or so it is said. Most certainly if you are showing love towards others you are going to get a much different reaction out of them than hate.

  • Mark Smith

    Brian, I encourage you to “dig a little deeper” into the music issue in your hometown of Wausau, WI. Following a quickly scheduled School Board meeting, which was attended by a nearly a standing room only crowd at your old high school, Wausau East, the misguided school administrator and her lawyer’s decision to change the long standing Holiday Concerts tradition in the Wausau School District was unanimously overturned. We celebrate all forms of religions and beliefs here in Wausau, Wisconsin. Music is selected for its merit and not it’s content. Holiday Concerts are back in the hands of each school’s Principal and staff, music staff is free to sing music of their choosing and the Master Singers will continue to sing at private institutions which are primarily senior centers. We have told the “politically correct police to lighten up. Merry Christmas is a form of joyous salutation, Christmas concerts and songs are not “evil” and Santa Claus is welcome in Wausau.

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