Judge in N.J. same-sex marriage case has deep Catholic roots

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Judge Mary Jacobson in her Mercer County courtroom during the Chief Richard Taylor trial on Thurs. Jan. 26,  2006. Photo by Frank Jacobs III / courtesy The Star-Ledger

Judge Mary Jacobson in her Mercer County courtroom during the Chief Richard Taylor trial on Thurs. Jan. 26, 2006. Photo by Frank Jacobs III / courtesy The Star-Ledger

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BAYONNE, N.J. (RNS) Regardless of how Judge Mary Jacobson might feel personally about a subject, or what her Catholic faith might say about it, she decides cases based on the law and the facts, say those who have worked with her through the years.

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  • Don Schenk

    Another “Catholic” who insists that the government should force the Church to endorse sin–has anybody asked what her marital status is?

  • RM

    “Judge Jacobson and her husband, attorney James Laskey, have three children.”

    A simple Google search could have prevented you from committing the sins of bearing false witness and gossipmongering.

  • Duane Lamers

    It seems to me that the entire controversy rests on the very definition of marriage. I wish to hear a jurist make that as part of a ruling. Sorry, but “equal rights” is a red herring in my estimation.

  • Ronald Sevenster

    The whole world is gone crazy with this frenzy about equal marriage rights, while everyone with eyes in his head can know that homosexual marriage is not marriage at all, nor is it intended to be so. Its goal is the destruction of marriage as an institution and the persecution of traditioinal religion. If gay marriage is legally accepted the next inevitable step will be the acceptance of bisexual marriage, and thus the introduction of polygamy. The then next step will be to open marriage for any group of persons that wants to operate as a “sexual unit”.

    The introduction of these alternative marriage forms will lead to evermore fanatical efforts to enforce traditional religions, like Orthodox Judaism and Christianity, to end the “discrimination” of gays and lesbians, &c and to accept these new marriages. This will result in open persecution of stedfast communities who dare to put the Law of G-d above the legitimation of what the Bible calls abominations. And thus, in the end, we’ll have a new group which will relentlessly persecuted by the new secular humanism and its aggressive gay culture, which cannot tolerate anyone to think differently. Traditional Jews, Christians and Muslims will be outlawed and considered by the majority of the populace as unrepentent bigots and fuelers of hatred, which deserve to burned on the stake. That, a new and universal reigious persecution is the end-goal of all this.

  • RM

    “….and we would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for you meddling kids!”.

  • Duane Lamers

    A perusal of some of the more activist of the gay websites will prove that the “spokespeople” for the gay movement are intent upon destroying the concept of marriage. They say so themselves.

  • Larry

    “They say so themselves.”

    No they don’t. If you had a legitimate point to make, why do you lie so plainly?

    If people had a legitimate, non-bigoted, intelligent, secular reason for opposing gay marriage, maybe they wouldn’t lose so many court cases when it comes up.

    Slippery slope arguments and bad analogies are nonsense used to avoid discussing the subject on its own facts. Saying God hates gays doesn’t help much either because our laws are not centered around what you think God wants. 1st Amendment and whatnot. The procreation argument is reductive and flatly insulting of marriage in general of any type. Its also nonsensical. Couples have children without marriage, married couples can have no children and both are recognized under the law with no sanction whatsoever.

    Finally, nobody, absolutely nobody ultimately gives a flying crap what a church does in this regard. If they don’t want to perform the ceremonies nobody is forcing them to. That is just flat out lying.