Quote of the Day: Catholic activist Deal Hudson

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“I don’t want to be called a “Conservative Catholic” anymore. In the last few months, I’ve read two headlines beginning with the phrase “Conservative Catholic” which contained comments that have effectively made the label, if not meaningless, represent a group of Catholics who are now spreading the virus of an identity crisis.” — Deal Hudson, […]

  • Duane Lamers

    There being a continuum in the affiliation with any group, I see no reason why someone should flee from identification with a larger group simply because of disagreements with a fraction of that same group. Pope Francis has not disowned any part of Catholic doctrine or tradition simply because he has determined that emphases should be placed elsewhere within that same body of doctrine and tradition.

    People who carefully read Francis’s statements to the media will see that when his entire remarks relative to a subject are published he affirms previous papal teaching on that subject.

    Conservatives of all stripes can stand together even though they might disagree among themselves on some issues. Does it make sense, for example, to abandon the group that has your values regarding abortion simply because some in the group want to worship in Latin (or in English)?

    Our affiliations must be based on the broad aims of that group.