Bar Harbor’s War on Xmas

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Two years ago, the Bar Harbor Town Council granted a two-year lease in a park overlooking the harbor to establish a continuously lighted Christmas tree as a veterans memorial. Last month, the council terminated the lease and required the lights and accompanying plaque to be removed, thereby incurring the Wrath of O’Reilly.

Why the heck make a veterans memorial out of a Christmas tree in the first place?

That was the brainchild of Wreaths Across America (WAA), a Maine non-profit devoted to placing its merchandise wherever veterans are buried. WAA proposed to decorate the Agamont Park balsam fir as a one-off to honor service personnel who couldn’t be home for the holidays — at the instance of a board member who missed Christmas because he was fighting in the Battle of the Bulge.

It’s not clear that anyone in Bar Harbor thought this was a great idea, and there were some who thought it totally wasn’t. Council president Ruth Eveland, who directs the town library, told the Bangor Daily News that she voted with the majority because “I don’t believe a Christmas tree is a universal symbol.” The tree was “too complicated a symbolism,” she said, and was “not meaningful” to some, including veterans. “I even heard it from people who said they were Christians.”

And it wasn’t as if Bar Harbor needed a veterans’ memorial, since there already was one a few blocks up Main Street on the town green.

Of course, this didn’t prevent Bill O’Reilly from sending a Fox News swat team to last week’s town council meeting. “You guys might be in a little bit of trouble,” smirked producer Jesse Watters when given his chance to speak during the open comment period. “So we’re just going to try to straighten some things out here.” [Update: the complete footage of Watters’ appearance has been taken down; here is a shorter clip and here is what the O’Reilly Factor aired.]

Doing his best Roland Hedley imitation, Watters then tweeted, “In bar harbor Maine now fighting the war on Christmas, absolutely stunning town council meeting I just crashed, wait till you see this one!” Stunning, that is, if you’re stunned by big city boy condescension.

As it happens, WAA has learned from Jewish veterans organizations not to place wreaths on the graves of Jewish vets in Arlington National Cemetery. So here’s another learning: Just because a stand-alone Christmas tree is constitutionally permissible on public land doesn’t mean that one ought to be employed to honor all veterans. Is that too complicated a concept for O’Reilly, Watters & Company Fox?

  • Dan McMahon

    As an New England Native living in Nebraska now living in Nebraska I am saddened by the Town Councils decision to not renew this contract. I am 68 years old retired Navy Veteran of twenty years. It is hard to believe that this is happening. I wonder how many Bar Harbor residents feel the same way?

  • Emma

    Thank you for such a level headed assessment of the brouhaha in Bar Harbor. I’m a Maine resident and have been following this in the local news. I’ve also seen the tree in person. As much as the supporters of the tree tried to claim it wasn’t really a Christmas tree, that it was a memorial tree, they were just blowing hot air. If it looks like a Christmas tree and smells like a Christmas tree, it’s a Christmas tree, and had no place being up year round in a public park. Plus it was always a little disconcerting to be happily licking on an ice cream cone on a hot summer day only to be confronted with a Christmas tree. As you pointed out the town already does have a memorial for veterans, at least two that I know of. They also do a big Christmas bash every year, including a tree on the town green.
    I’m now saddened by so many of the comments online that are now calling for people to boycott Bar Harbor because of this. I’m also angered that O’Reilly and his followers have decided to focus on such a minor issue, but have decided to ignore the financial hit that Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor because of the shutdown. But since that was caused by republicans I don’t see Fox News choosing to cover that. War on Christmas! War on veterans! That fits their narrative.
    Again I thank you. And if you’re planning any future vacations, Maine and Bar Harbor welcome you.

  • Pauline

    Thank you for your service,,, We personally will boycott Bar Harbor. We were there last month on the Norwegian Gem and planned to go this summer. We will never visit Bar Harbor. Our fathers were both World War II vets. Bar Harbor should be happy they don’t have to speak German.

  • kathy

    My husband and I have stayed at the Bar Harbor Inn for the past two summers. We have decided to NEVER visit Bar Harbor again due to the town councils decision to remove lights from a tree honoring veterans. Shame on them. We will take our thousands of dollars each summer elsewhere.

  • BevAG

    I will not visit Bar Harbor again ONLY because that one city council woman called the Christmas tree “confusing.” I’m confused by her “confusion;” therefore, I’ll spend my vacation money in a place that has people running it that are less “confused.”

  • Eric

    I will skip it.

  • liz

    “I’m also angered that O’Reilly and his followers have decided to focus on such a minor issue,”
    I didn’t know that veterans were :Minor issues..
    I think they should be our MAIN issue ,These men and women put their lives on the line for US!!!! Appreciate them….Thank them ..and why not leave the tree up for THEM!!!!
    I grew up in New England , Loved Bar Harbor ,but I will not go there anymore

  • sue

    hopefully your holidays will not be bright.
    hopefully your summers will have no tourists.
    hopefully people will spend their money elsewhere, where people respect what all veterans have done for our country.
    you didn’t have to think of it as a Christmas tree, you could have thought of it as a memorial tree with beautiful lights.
    you made a big, sad mistake to all the veterans and families of veterans and the enlisted in our country. shame on you!

  • sue

    kudos to Bill O’Reilly and Fox News. thanks to them for letting us know what goes on in different parts of the US that doesn’t always make national news.

    and if you don’t like looking at the colored lights while you are licking your ice cream cone on a hot summer day, spring for some red, white and blue bulbs.

  • Geanie Jordan

    In response to Emma: Professor Silk’s comments are typical of the leftist trend that has messed up the minds of our unfortunate modern-day college students. There is nothing “tacky” about the sacrifice and suffering of our war veterans. If not for them, you my not be free to enjoy your ice cream cone in the park. No one forced you to look at the tree — or not to do so! Barack Obama, NOT THE REPUBLICANS, chose what public services to withhold. Take a look at our national budget and check out how many unnecessary and wasteful expenditures could have been cut off ! Instead the President opted for political revenge, to gain sympathy to go on spending our money with reckless abandon. Anyone who can add 2+2=4 would shudder with horror at his fiscal policies.

  • Marcello

    I will not spend one red cent in Bar Harbor ever again. Why patronise a town and its businesses where the city fathers disrespect those who have served? Shame on you, I’m so confused now that I don’t think I can spend my vacation money there. To the voters in BH: the inmates are running the asylum, take your town back from these morons.

  • Nikki

    I am thrilled to hear so many will not visit a place with so many “confused” council members. I was actually embarrassed for the woman who said the tree was confusing. Poor soul. Thank goodness I am not forced to live near, associate with, or otherwise have anything to do with such ill informed and closed minded individuals. I’m fed up with all of the libs who want nothing more than run everyone else’s life. Take a peek at yourself. PATHETIC !!!!!!

  • 1ST CAV 229th AHB VN 67-69

    saw the O”Reilly TV segment…….after seeing the liberal/socialist/communist boards name plates, my first thought was that they will replace the tree with a menorah and hand out bagels in town square. no complicated symbolism there.

    economic boycott of bar harbor by veterans is being discussed on a national level.

  • Emma, this is getting so much focus because Americans are tired of a fraction of the population telling us that you can’t use anything that uses Christ or God, not even for our fallen heros! Should they stop putting a 100′ tall lit Christmas tree at the White House??? How far will liberals go? As far as we will let them!
    Emma, check the back of your money, in GOD we trust is what America is built on! If it wasn’t for those men spilling their blood for you and me, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. The Nazis would never allow it! Verstehen?

  • chris ray

    Im actually a democrat and Im offended by this bad decision, My father fought to save the Jews and somehow the tables have shifted and now their is a war on the Christmas Holiday. The men who died on Christmas Eve just wanted a tree so this is a fitting memorial call it what you like. We need to speak up as a country when politicians make bad chooses and try and rewrite history or try and not offend anyone.

    Professor Silk what religion are you, oh sorry I forgot I cannot ask that question?

  • scott

    To the Retired Navy Veteran, thank you for your service. I am a 35 yr. old Disabled Navy Veteran and am deeply saddened that our older Veterans (i.e. my father, Vietnam and grandfather, WWII) are having to see where this country is headed. NOT ON MY WATCH….I pledge I will fight to insure your sacrifice for this country will not be in vain. I know many younger Vets who feel the same and will protect Our Heroes Memorials around this country. At times it feels like we are out numbered, So I just recall a quote my Father told me when I was younger….”They’re on our right, they’re on our left, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us; they can’t get away from us this time.”
    Chesty Puller, USMC, Chosin Reservoir, Korean War

    Honor, Courage, Commitment

  • Carol

    Well, it’s the time of year when many become out-spoken as being against Christmas. This particular issue of the Christmas Tree in Bar Harbor, Maine is by no means a trivial thing. It is another attempt to slowly erode our religious freedom. Just as a mouse gnawing on the rope securing the boat to the dock, sooner or later the boat is lost in the raging storm. As individuals, we are held accountable for our actions AND our lack of action. If one stands by and lets our religious freedom continue to be destroyed in this great country after so many brave soldiers have fought to keep us free, then we are turning our backs on everyone who ever served. We are doing them a disservice and we are cheating ourselves out of the secure future we can have as a nation.
    I just believe your town and others like it will not be held blameless by our Precious Lord for your decision your town has made. If the people of this land do not turn from their wicked ways (and yes, this counts as one) and turn back to the one true God, He will not heal our land.
    I pray you will reconsider your position on the Christmas Tree.

  • Dan

    We can wrap the argument up in patriotism, but that is a cheap ruse. Let’s just say what it is and admit it is about people who are angry at God. They are angry and want no symbols shown depicting anything which might offend their delicate sensibilities. They say they don’t believe in God and want no symbolic references to the God they claim doesn’t exist to be displayed in their narrow field of vision.
    I don’t believe in unicorns, trolls, ogres, elves, goblins, the boogey man, werewolves, vampires, zombies, Bigfoot, UFOs, or the Loch Ness Monster, but I don’t get angry when I do see depictions of these things. And the reason for that is simple – because you cannot be angry at something you do not believe in!

  • John

    As an active member of the United States Military I am more than surprised by the decision of the Bar Harbor Town Council and the complete lack of understanding of the hurt and pain this would cause. Anyone with common sense and an ounce of patriotism would have thought, well if the tree needs to go then let’s build a better more fitting memorial to those who served at this critical battle of WW2. As to poor Emma who said it was “disconcerting ” while eating her ice cream on a hot summers day, imagine how “disconcerting” it was for those soldiers who were wondering if they would live long enough to see another hot summers day or ever see their loved ones again. What a ridiculous and callous statement.

  • Joe Clarke

    Why do liberal Jews so hate Christians That they would remove a tree dedicated to veterans because it looks like its dedicated to Christ?

    Friedmann is the town president of council, I believe. Thank God Jews like Savage and Mark Levin are not so worried about celebrating Christmas in any event.

  • David Stein

    I’m also a Jewish Democrat but lean more toward the middle isle and also small business owner and if I where a business owner in Bar Harbor I would make it my mission to vote out the board members who voted for the tree removal. From reading all the comments and post these ignorant incompetent board members decision could significantly hurt the towns revenue and business.

    Bar Harbor residents don’t feel angry just do something about this and get active in your towns politics. We had a similar situation in my home town and we voted them all out of office and now have a level headed balanced board with common sense and they are not worried about being PC to everyone.

    If only we could have a strong independent party that was pro business and not politics as usual. We need more politicians like Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani.

  • Marie

    You guys do realize that the reason they are taking the Tree down is because the lights are always broken and it is not properly taken care of. Instead they are going to upgrade a different memorial.

    DON’T listen to the news. They only tell you half the story.

  • Richard Washburn

    It is this form of government our fore fathers fought against on Christmas days years ago. It is enough to make one take up arms.

  • BevAG


    They could have simply said that yesterday when they were all being asked by the O’Reilly show. Yesterday the City Council woman herself said it was being taken down because it was confusing.

    If what you say is true, when asked by the O’Reilly show, the City Councilwoman would have said, “We’re taking it down because the lights are always broken and it is not property taken care of.”

    Your message tells me that I should listen to Fox News and not commenters who are attempting to imply that Fox only tells half the story, like you’re doing.

  • Therese

    My father, who was a World War 11 veteran is buried in Bar Harbor, Maine.
    I would like to know 2 things; how many of the town council have been in the United States military and have fought in a war? How many of the town council were born and raised in Bar Harbor?

  • John Shea

    Email sent to Bar Harbor, Maine Chamber of Commerce

    I am outraged by the actions of the Bar Harbor city council with respect to the removal of the Battle of the Bulge Christmas Tree Memorial.

    I have initiated calls into city hall and will follow up with the Chamber of Commerce and its members. Our family has spent summers on MDI for over 10 years. No more. The leftist secularists of the City Council need to be exposed for what they are as disrespectful to those who gave their lives so idiots like themselves could shame their community and our country.

    Without a doubt, the City Council will just wait it out and expect it to blow over.
    You know, just like they do in Washington. We must not let them off the hook on this one.

  • John Shea

    You showed your cards when you blamed a political party instead of holding those responsible for their actions. We now know you to be the fraud you are.

    May you be haunted by the quiet singing of “Silent Night” by the dead soldiers of the Battle of the Bulge this Christmas season.

  • anna

    Please look up the full video. Fox news edited to fit their agenda. One of the men who voted against renewing the lease of the tree is himself a veteran. They don’t want you to see that of course. The broadcast also failed to mention that we already have a veteran’s memorial in a nearby park. Instead of keeping the lights, they chose to update and restore the existing (and much nicer) memorial. I live here and sit in the park where the lights used to be quite often, people would always negatively remark about why we would keep lights on the tree year round, no one noticed the significance at all. I don’t ever remember seeing the plague and I have probably walked by the tree over 1000 times. I never saw anyone reading it. No one even knew it was a veteran’s memorial until it made the papers that the lights were coming down. Everyone is making a much bigger deal out of this than they need to. There are plenty of vets in the town that don’t need a tree to remind them that their service is appreciated.

  • anna

    Do what you like, but she called it confusing because no one knew why the lights were on the tree. I frequent the park where the lights used to be and heard countless tourists ask each other why the lights were on the tree. No one knew the significance. I myself didn’t know why they were there until I read in the local paper that they were coming down and I live here.

  • anna

    It’s a minor issue because there is still a much grander non denominational memorial in a nearby park, perhaps you missed it when you were visiting?

  • anna

    The O’Reilly segment was edited to fit an agenda, like most national news. Of course when a council member talked about his service and how he didn’t feel the tree was an adequate memorial, they didn’t show that. They didn’t show the part where they explained that they chose to update and restore a previously existing veteran’s memorial in a nearby park instead of going forward with the tree. You can’t trust edited video. Fortunately the local news isn’t so biased. They just show the whole clip.

  • anna

    We have an existing veteran’s memorial in a nearby park. Instead of renewing the tree, they chose to update and restore the existing memorial. Please know that Fox and most other big news station are only giving part of the story to fit their particular bias.

  • anna

    Bev, if you watch the full clip from that same O’Reilly interview, this is all mentioned in there. O’Reilly severely edited it to fit his agenda. The local news did not edit it and you can (or could) see it in full on Fox didn’t want to show the real reasons they didn’t renew the tree and they edited out the part where one of the council members talks about being a veteran. I guess they didn’t care about his service? Hypocrites.

  • bh

    If there are people who are gullible enough to take the O’Reilly segment at face value and not realize it has been edited and will boycott a town based on it, then, as someone who works in some of the shops and restaurants in the area, I say please do. You’re ignorance won’t be missed. But feel free to enlighten yourselves and watch the full, unedited video and still travel elsewhere.

  • bh

    As someone who lives in the town, thank you for your ill wishes, that’s very patriotic of you! Hopefully you won’t visit, but if you do, please feel free to visit our permanent veteran’s memorial in another park in Bar Harbor. Its been there for years and the money saved on not constantly maintaining the tree is going towards restoring it. It will be done by Veteran’s Day, so that we can hold a ceremony. But wait, Fox told you Bar Harbor hates Veterans so I must be lying! We have many local news sources if you wish to confirm the story.

  • BevAG

    O’Reilly didn’t leave out the part where one of the council people said he was a veteran.

    I’ll accept your apology for incorrectly insinuating that Fox was hypocritical by leaving that fact out when they didn’t.

  • David Nardella

    I have cancelled all vacation plans for Bar Harbor abd all of Maine until they have apologized for this and returned it. The only way to teach these Christmas tree hating Liberals is to hit them all in the Pocketbook since they represent the Town. Anyone who is or have a Veteran in their Family should support a ban on this Town, as I will.

  • David Nardella

    Who is Offended by these pretty lights. I told my freind who is a 88 year old Purple Heart and Silver Star Veteran who fought the Nazis for us and now and all Veterans need our support on this issue. Support Him and tell this two bit town thier hated for Veterans and Christmas trees will not be tolerated. Stop thier Hatred of Chrismas, before they build a Mosque on that site. Please is their any men and real women left in this country?

  • David Nardella

    We need a Poll of these members. Names, Religion and Beliefs and their past actions. So we can understand where they aree coming from. So we can take action

  • Acebojangles

    The town has another veteran’s memorial. You guys are really this upset about a Christmas tree? As an atheist vet myself, I don’t feel particularly honored by a Christmas tree.

  • Acebojangles

    Calling for a boycott by the National Association of Antisemitic Vets?

  • Richard Washburn

    You live there and didn’t know about the memorial, or meaning. You did not care to begin with! Shame on you.

  • Richard Washburn

    The tree that looks and smells like a Christmas Tree was a memorial to those veterans who were not able to spend Christmas with their families and in a lot of cases were fighting for our present freedom and enjoyment of this country and Bar Harbor. The town council allowed it put in place. There is no such thing as a 2 year lease on memorializing our veterans.

  • anna

    I rewatched the clip from Fox News online, it is not mentioned there. Perhaps the segment that aired on TV was longer, but I would think they would have the whole thing on their website. It is mentioned on local news websites, where the video is not edited. I stand by my original statement. They also don’t mention the actual reasons why the tree is coming down, which you would think a news piece would. How can you criticize the town and the town council, but not give their sides? I just don’t like when video is edited to fit a bias and incite drama. There is no drama necessary, why don’t they mention that we have an existing memorial that we are in the process of updating? You would think that would be important to them. While there are many “affluent” people in the town, there are many more working class people and we have a small town budget. The Fox news story makes it seem like we are all a bunch of rich jerks who hate Christmas, it’s offensive and obviously created by someone who knows absolutely nothing about the town and the locals. We have a large lighted Christmas tree that is decorated for the Christmas holiday. We are not anti-Christmas.

  • anna

    Saw the lights, but never would have guessed it was a memorial, not obvious. I didn’t know there was a plaque there, I never noticed it, my friend said she did see it, but it was incredibly small and easily missed. I guess I didn’t read the paper the week they probably wrote about putting it up. I have nothing against veterans, I am very familiar with the larger veteran’s memorial we have in town. With three purple heart recipients in my family, I honor veterans in whatever way I can, but this tree had no meaning to me because it wasn’t obvious as to why it was there. One of the town council members is himself a veteran and voted against the tree, he didn’t feel the tree was a proper memorial. Opinions that are different than yours are not “shameful,” they are just different. If we were all the same, the world would be boring.

  • BevAG

    I suggest you should have watched the entire segment before you comment. I don’t like when commenters comment on something they just heard about from others and didn’t see themselves.

    When you have a city councilwoman say a Christmas tree is “confusing,” it does appear that you have a real problem either, one, having a city councilwoman who can’t put her thoughts together or, two, she’s “a real jerk who hates Christmas” and wants to impose that “hate” onto the town.

  • anna

    Was the segment longer than 5 minutes? I watched the 5 minute segment on fox news, which seemed complete. I also watched the full video of Watters interrupting a town meeting on the local news, perhaps you actually saw the full video and thought it was on Fox, but it was on a different station? Do you have a link where I can watch the full O’Reilly segment, assuming what I watched wasn’t in full? I would be happy to eat my words, but I can find nothing from Fox except edited, biased video that leaves out most of the relevant points made in the full video. She put her thoughts together the way she intended. It was “confusing” (to some) in the sense that people just saw it as a Christmas tree and did not know it was a memorial. I have heard countless visitors asking each other why the town would leave the lights up all year, I think they thought it was laziness and that it had not come down from a Christmas display. I don’t think many noticed the small plaque. Everyone looked at it as just a Christmas tree, that didn’t make sense to them in July. If she hated Christmas, she would vote against the Christmas display and kid’s activities that the town holds every year and she hasn’t. If the town hates veterans, why do we have two memorials honoring them? And they did get complaints about the lights, which is one of the reasons they didn’t renew their contract. I could go either way with the lights, I didn’t feel they were as nice as our other memorials, but they didn’t offend me, and there are things I could criticize the town council on, but in this instance I think they tried to go with what they thought the town wanted. I think they may have received more complaints than support over approving the lights in the first place.

  • BevAG

    Yes, it was more that five minutes the segment.

    They did not say they received more complaints over the lights than support in the first place. If that were the case, the city councilwoman would have said that instead of saying it was confusing.

    Anyway, it’s been a nice chat. I’ll be watching the results of this when Bill O’Reilly puts it on again.

  • anna

    It was in the local paper, just because it wasn’t on the O’Reilly factor doesn’t mean it was never said, it was in print, I’m not making it up. Nice chatting with you too.

  • Vic Finlay

    My dad as well as his dad were WW vets and are buried in Bar Harbor. I plan to request wreaths be placed on their graves and I will write to the Town Council as well.

  • Jillian

    These are the town council members listed on the

    Ms Ruth Eveland
    221-3327H 288-4245 W
    Term exp. 2014
    Mr. Gary Friedmann
    Term Exp 2015
    Mr. David Bowden
    288-3491 W
    Terrm exp. 2016
    Mr. Robert Garland
    288-4230 H
    Term expires 2014 Mr. Paul Paradis
    Term exp. 2016
    Mr. Peter St. Germain
    Term exp. 2015
    Mr. Christopher Walsh
    812-8466 H
    Term expires 2014

    These people need to be replaced. So sad that our Vets are not given the honor they should be given. I think every American should boycott this town and spread the word to show them enough is enough..

  • bee

    There are two permanent veterans memorials in the town, one about 15 feet from the tree and one in another park. The town has nothing against veterans. You can’t believe everything O’Reilly tells you.

  • bee

    One of the council members is himself a veteran and voted against the lights. My brother, himself a Purple Heart recipient, recently visited the town and was not offended by the lack of lights. It doesn’t take away from his service. It’s not like there are not two other memorials, one steps from the tree, and one in another park. Veterans are honored in the town.

  • Richard Washburn

    Actions speak louder than words. The action of removing the memorial speaks volumes. If the memorial was “Tacky” where it was, the solution would have been to move it, but never get rid of it. This all came on the heals of the Tait burial a couple weeks ago. A Bar Harbor vet MIA for 60 years. Any American showing the least bit of disrespect for our vets ought to think twice before their next breath of freedom in this country.

  • bee

    How about the action of restoring and updating their existing memorial? We don’t have true freedom if people aren’t allowed to believe in what they want to believe in or say what they want to say or vote the way they want to vote for fear that they won’t be Christian enough or patriotic enough for some. They are merely using the freedoms that were fought for. We should be proud that we live in a world where people are allowed to think differently, not be angry at people that use their freedom.

  • Richard Washburn

    Why is it your freedom to have the memorial removed? And not my freedom to have it stay. The problem you are having now is that the silent majority are now talking and you , the minority, are being called on it!

  • bee

    It’s your freedom to do whatever you want. Join the town council if you want to. When people are given certain freedoms, they can use them however they choose. The majority of the council chose to not keep the memorial. The majority, if there is truly a majority that wanted the memorial to stay, I’m unsure on that, were too silent on this issue. The town council had received complaints for allowing it in the first place, read the local paper. Boycott the town if you want to, but I don’t think they are going to cave on the issue and it’s their right not to.

  • Richard Washburn

    I am sorry that the entire point is now missed in the disrespect put forth for removing the tree that honored those veterans who fought and did not have Christmas with their families. It is to bad that your town council made the decision they did just prior to the Tait burial at Ledgelawn Cemetery where 1000 veterans attended. I was in Bar Harbor for that ceremony as he went to school with my Mom. Columbia Falls can now make claim to an honorable distinction that Bar Harbor no longer can when honoring our veterans.

  • chuck

    I can see where leaving Christmas lights on all year round might have conveyed the impression that someone was negligent or lazy. Why didn’t someone suggest burning them only during the holiday season? Politics too often leads to all-or-nothing decisions. Someone is always offended or disappointed.

  • Ms. Channing

    Minor correction David; we did not fight the Nazis for “us” we fought them for the Jews. Now the Jews are mostly Liberal Democrats who want to squash our beliefs, not only in Christmas, but in our Vets as well. The Liberals are doing this nation-wide, bit by bit. They are following Saul David Alinsky’s direction in destroying Capitalism to bring in Socialism.
    To see how to combat Saul Alinsky and his followers, go to:

    One must fight fire with fire.

  • Ms. Channing

    To David Stein,
    As a small business person, Democrat or not – you better sell your business while you can, because Obama and his entourage is doing everything in their power to destroy business and make all more dependent on government. If you decide to keep your business, be prepared to answer to the Obama administration and the Democrats in the not to distant future for EVERY move you make in “your” business operations.

    Obama is sneakily dividing this nation. Race against race, religion against religion and party against party, just as the American Community Organizer (As is Obama) Saul Alinsky outlined his Communist Agenda. Note, for those who do not know who Saul Alinsky was; he was born to a Russian Jewish couple and was a Marxist/Communist. Google it.

  • Mainer

    Good- stay home.

  • BevAG

    You must not be a business owner. “Good. Stay home” would only be said by someone who does not make a living off tourist dollars.

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