• john

    The author is right that religion cannot deliver happiness but they ALL promise to do so. Religion gives individual contenment which is satisfaction with how things are. Religion has proposed all changes in science, medicine, tolerance, and theology has frozen thoughts and ideas.

  • Dan

    John – please go read this, and come back when you know what you’re talking about.


  • Ghalib

    I started reading this blog and thought the author was bitter, but as I read on I understood precisely what he meant and fully concur. To elaborate: how can a person with a social consciousness claim to be happy when in his own town or city children are starving, grovelling through dirt bins to find something to eat. Prophet Muhammad said: He is NOT of my Ummah (nation) when he goes to ssleep with his belly full while his neighbour is hungry. That is the expression of a social conscience. In all cities and countries, mine (South Africa) in particular there is hunger, poverty, unemployment, government corruption and crime. How can a socially conscious person be truly happy under such circumstances. If you are materially by the means, you help, if you are not, you do waht you can, but you can be contented in your own situation but ssocially happy? You tell me.

  • roberson

    God promises me I wont walk alone thru any valley!! Religion is my reminder and structure in each walk. Christ carrys me when I am weak!!

  • john

    A typical response by the religious is to attack an opponent’s lack of knowledge instead of the points raised. So
    I read the link and I now know what I am talking about.

    The link says that in theory there should be no conflict between religion and science.

    I will just give a few examples of how religions have opposed in practice.

    Christianity for centuries maintained a list of prohibited scientific books including Galileo’s. Juaism taught that God created a flat earth and to think otherwise was not Biblical. In Islam they are still debating whether evoluntion is true or creationism – not based on facts but in what the Quran says! There was a time when Islam led in science and Christianity lived in the dark ages. No longer is this true.

  • Apple

    “Mad men walk into schools, shooting children and teachers. A billion people live on a dollar a day. Tsunamis kill more than a hundred thousand people. Millions of Americans (overwhelmingly people of color) languish in the prison-industrial complex. More than a hundred thousand Syrians have been killed, and millions have been made refugees. Millions live under totalitarian regimes, under drones, under occupation. At a more intimate level, your loved ones will die”

    On other posts you probably would use these examples of how diverging from authentic religion causes these catastrophes? Here they are used against “religion”.

    Also contentment IS the happiness that is eluding people. And that contentment and happiness comes through “authentic” religion, and that connection seems to be missing here..perhaps not known?

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  • Daayiee

    Omid, thank you for taking the “happiness that they are superior” veil off and acknowledging that is not “being right with God”. So much we as human being need to do and helping people is one road to momentary happiness and peaceful contentment within multiple faiths. This quote says it all for me… “But we cannot be right with God if the guides we choose promise our not being right with God, and not contentment, but a shallow promise of happiness that is now there, now gone, now back, ever transient.”

  • ohas

    Define happiness. There is artificial happiness which is like a mirage, a constant pursuit that fuels people to become rich, chase temporary pleasures, and acknowledgment from those around you that you are living the good life.

    Then there is true happiness. It’s the feeling of being blessed and fortunate when you give charity. It’s the feeling of being content, fully living in the present in a state of thankfulness. It’s the feeling of achievement in sticking to a set of principles and values and sometimes not following the herd. Sure there is sacrifice in it.

    Religion would not and should not promise artificial happiness. If a cleric imam or a guru does and one does not walk away from it, then that’s too naïve on the follower’s part. If one dedicates all effort and nourishment to the inner self and no social or community reform, then there is personal work to be done, but it does not mean that there is no happiness in solitude and spirituality. The alchemy of happiness from a religious point of view is best explained by alghazali in his book on this topic.

    I do understand the overall point of the article but could not detach away from the tone set in the very beginning and hence my comments about happiness. Sure there is killing and chaos in the world in the name of religion, but we need to rise above and see that all evils emerge from diseases of each persons individual heart.

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