Zimmerman Gun Raffle * Machine Gun Preacher * Is Yoga Religious? : Tuesday’s Religion News Roundup

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A gun and the Bible. Image courtesy of timotheos via Shutterstock

A gun and the Bible. Image courtesy of timotheos via Shutterstock

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A gun rights group planned to raffle off the same model of gun used to kill Trayvon Martin -- and a Bible. The "machine gun preacher" gets a big award. And a court tries to decide whether yoga is religious.

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  • Argus

    While the gun raffle IS ludicrous, the connection with Zimmerman is tenuous at best. This is a widely used pistol. Labeling the article “Zimmerman Gun Raffle” seems a bit of sensationalism.

  • Kevan Scott

    Argus It is questionable at best, but that doesn’t stop these Gun Nuts from using the very real trajedy of Travon Martin’s death for all it’s worth. These people are showing the classieness they have and that is very, very low! Oh, and I don’t and have 0 desire to Google Zimmerman news. He’s a racist and a coward in my book. Just as is Ted Cruz who today had the gall to “lecture” Travon’s mother that the Stand Your Ground was good for her son. In what way Mr. Cruz? Good that he is dead because some idiot like Zimmerman claimed self-defense in Travon’s murder. Give me a break. All my negativity aside, another really great RNR from Lauren Marcoe. Excellent writing by a excellent author!

  • Kevan Scott

    Wanted to comment on Rand Paul’s “warning” and on the yoga religious issue. First it seems to me that people like Mr. Paul are the ones who want to remove the “undesirables’ from our ranks by virtue of their views on assistance to the poor and things like Food Stamps Social Security etc. I’m much less afraid of Mr. Paul’s scenario than I am ofright wing Tea Party types like Paul. I was hurt by the shutdown and if the Farm Bill is not renegoiated by Nov. 1st, as it appears it will not be then this disabled, living on 1k a month person will receive even less assistance thus making that $1000 a mo. go even less far than it does. They’ll convince me they are Christians when I see them actually following Christ’s words instead of twisting them to fit their world view. On the yoga thing, my feeling is that it is not religious but you can make it a religious thing. One thing is for sure, it is a great form of exercise that many, including myself, should take up. In due time I guess as other health concerns are in my front right now. Overall, sigh, just sigh!