Moral Blind Spots of Nobel Peace Prize Winners: On Obama, Elie Wiesel, and Aung San Suu Kyi

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Obama and Wiesel

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The moral blind spots of Nobel Peace Prize winners Obama, Elie Wiesel, and Ayung San Suu Kyi are a reminder that we have to keep each other accountable, even the most noble and beautiful of us. We have to insist that we practice moral constancy, and shine the light on those moral blind spots.

  • sun

    Thank you for your morally conscious post, Omid. It is painfully accurate.
    Of course nobody will hear about Myanmar, as long as there is this all-encompassing blanket that is used to cover one-fourth of the world as violent irrationals.
    Of course nobody will care about Palestine as long as people re-tell their stories conversely–as if it was Muslims who dehumanized Jews and killed millions of them.
    Of course nobody will question the American Empire and its violent international policies as long as the US keeps producing dead bodies and enemies around the world to keep its “national interests” (continuing capitalist exploitation and dollar-dependent world, continuing wars to sell more guns, easier missionary movements especially in poor countries, split countries to dominate easily, lower domestic oil prices etc.).

  • Samia Serageldin

    Thank you for bringing the massacre of Muslims in Myanmar, and the government’s shameful collusion, to public attention. Especially since there seems to be a blackout in the world media on the subject, apart from the BBC.

  • Ghazala Munir

    What brilliance shows through your words Omid. You bring all of us to hold ourselves accountable. Impressive is the least I can say.
    thank you thank you.

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  • Dr Aung Khin

    Aung San Suu Kyi said “it is not ethnic cleansing campaign against Muslims in Myanmar (Burma).”
    She is right.
    She didn’t say what was going on.
    In fact it is most probably the creation of violence between Muslim and Buddhist by the government in order to give an excuse for keeping power in their hands.
    The violence is still going on. Most people believes that the government creates such violence or something else to divert the people attention away from the real situation. I strongly believe so.

  • Safi

    Aung Suu Keyi has her eyes focused on her political ambition and knowingly watch her every step , not to annoy the masses and alienate the majority.
    She may be politically right but morally unjustified to stay quite.
    In fact she is not silent , by repeatedly speaking that she will not take sides is nothing but taking sides. Her stand is morally repugnant and deserves outright condemnation. Who will call her peace loving , humanitarian.
    I wonder how the Nobel peace committee choose to pick up the deserving candidate. If there is no deserving candidate in sight , they don’t have to bestow it on the wrong person and malign history.