Billy Graham @ 95 * Atheists (heart) Francis * Fallen patriarch : Friday’s Religion News Roundup

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  • Doc Anthony

    Good to see that the atheists are liking Pope Francis. Let’s hope the accolades are for his clearly compassionate deeds, and not for the implicit green light he has given to gay marriage.

    As for former President Bush headlining the Messianic Jewish fundraiser, that’s merely what you would expect of a Christian. (Let’s hope Obama is able to do the same once his term of office has ended.)

  • AZatheist

    I too appreciate the Pope’s emphasis on corporal acts of mercy and his gay marriage green light. In fact, I hope he also endorses priestly marriage and that he himselfs marries a couple of prelates under the Baldacchino at St. Peter’s on the feast of Sts. Sergius and Bacchus (not likely, but a boy can dream). As to Pres. Bush, par for the course for a crusader.

  • Larry

    There is a lot more skepticism of Pope Francis than the CNN article would suggest. Many on both sides of the fence think he talks a great game but probably won’t do anything besides steer the course of status quo.

    As for the Messianaic Jewish group, its only the most obnoxious Christian proselytizers take them seriously. Anyone who has a modicum of respect for Judaism steers clear of them. The fact that you consider it as a duty of a Christian shows the level of contempt you hold those of the Jewish faith.

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  • Kevan Scott

    Doc Anthony, I couldn’t agree with you less On either subject. I, too, am impressed with the Pope so far, seems he’s trying, and trying to reverse a culture of non- inclusiveness takes time to reverse, so please at least give the man a chance. . On the MJBI thing, I’m a former, I guess, Messianic Jewish attendee who never saw anything but respect towards the Jews and Jewish culture. But I object much to Bush 43 and his alleged $100,000 speaking “fee” and I also object to MJBI itself. If my congregation had been a MJBI member I would have left long ago. Does the name Rlaph Messner or Messer ring a bell? Well, that’s what this particuler sect of Messianic Jews believe and I would advise any self respecting Christian, MessianicJew, or follower to steer clear of them and their cult. There, I said it, anyone disagree? O, yes, see that I spelled Ralph wrong, now corrected but since I’m blind and would have to go back and rewrite the whole thing I’ll consider it corrected here.