Quote of the Day: Fired bus driver Stan McNeil

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“I prayed for the lady, I put my hand on her and I prayed. They said we don’t need your services anymore. They said we don’t do that here.” — Stan McNeil, who was fired from his job as a bus driver at Rutgers University, after he prayed for a woman in a wheelchair on […]

  • Kevan Scott

    I’d like to know the following: 1. Did the woman ask him to pray for her? 2. Did he ask her if it was okay for him to “lay” his hand on her and pray for/with her? 3.Specifically, what did he pray for her? Healing? Peace? 3. What was the supposedsafety violation he was fired for? Answering these questions would go a long way in understanding exactly why he was terminated. If the prayer was unwanted and/or if he prayed for her to just have a little more faith to be healed, then I’m very much okay with him being terminated. If, on the other hand the prayer was agreed upon and the bus was not moving or something silly like that then I’d say his and her’s rights of freedom of religion were violated by his termination. Can someone report on this and if you have already can you give me the link to the story? Thanks!

  • Duane Lamers

    Mr. Scott, even if the answers to your questions were such that it is clearly shown that we have have two people freely engaged in what happened, this would not deter liberals from terminating the bus driver. Remember, liberals need nothing more to defend their actions than the mere fact that they did what they wanted to do.
    Rutgers? But of course! Here’s an opportunity for the governor to steer funding away from that school. In short order they would find a way to reinstate the driver. Wanna bet that it was only the religion issue that got the libs’ dander up. There likely are drivers who have had more serious violations of safety rules and got by with a reprimand.