PTSD ethics * Catholic mobsters * Chocolate Jesus: Thursday’s Religion News Roundup

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Photo of a chocolate Jesus on the cross.

courtesy Kickstarter

A chocolate Jesus featured in a Kickstarter crowd sourcing campaign.

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David Barton and Kenneth Copeland tell soldiers to buck up. Pope Francis may be a target for Italian mobsters. A Kickstarter campaign features a dark chocolate Jesus on a cross.

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  • Ralph Hythloday

    “A small group of ultra-traditionalist Roman Catholics in Buenos Aires disrupted an interfaith ceremony commemorating Kristallnacht”

    The people that interrupted the interfaith ceremony were members of the Society of St. Pius X. SSPX is a heretical group, has no canonical status in the Catholic Church and is therefore not Catholic. In the interests of truth and accuracy, please stop referring to their members as Catholic.

  • Larry

    When they completely break from contact with the Holy See and are completely excommunicated from the Church then we can stop calling them Catholic.

  • Kenneth

    Ralph, if RNS actually distinguished between the SSPX and the Catholic Church, it would hinder the left-wing propagandizing of Yonat and David Gibson. The RNS is just a far-left birdcage filler. Just count the number of news items in this day’s roundup featuring conservatives in a negative light (Phillips, Cruz, Palin, Kansas soup kitchen), but not a single item going after liberal hypocrisy. According to the logic in this roundup, we can start referring to the “Jews for Jesus” movement as simply Jews, but trust me, you won’t see that appearing in RNS anytime soon.

  • Kenneth

    By that logic Larry any group in dialogue with the Holy See that hasn’t been excommunicated can be called Catholic (i.e. most of the human race, including the Jewish and Muslim participants in the Buenos Aires prayer service).

  • RM

    Jews and Moslems call themselves Catholic?