• Mitch Wood

    Thank you for this article. Two months after the District of Columbia’s gay and lesbians inclusive civil marriage law went into effect, my partner of 14 years and I were married at the Episcopal parish that I’ve attended for 25 years. The service was conducted by our parish rector, who was retiring the following month, and witnessed by our parents, siblings, long-time friends from college and members of our congregation. What a joy-filled, emotional day! Truly a mountain-top experience that made for memories that will last my lifetime, and a sharing of vows that has deepened my appreciation for my partner and renewed my desire and intent to do right by him.

    Anyone who dismisses the yearning for gay and lesbian couples to have their relationships blessed and to have their rights and responsibilities fully protected under law as “selfish grandstanding” or “playing house” should think about how they would feel if their most treasured commitments were ridiculed or not recognized and honored.

  • Frank

    Of course they have to make up their own rules. It’s certainly not a real marriage.