Women priest proof? * Chanukah House * Godless Gettysburg: Wednesday’s Religion News Roundup

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"Do-It-Yourself Chanukah House"

Courtesy of Your Friendly Neighborhood Roundup Writer, David Gibson

"Do-It-Yourself Chanukah House"

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Aldous Huxley also died on Nov. 22, 1963, and left a spiritual mark on our nation's culture. Dec. 15 is the Second Annual Wear Pants to Church Day for Mormon women. Pope Francis goes to confession, and check out the newly-unveiled frescoes from the catacombs.

  • Steven Hunter

    There is no reason at all to suppose that the newly unveiled frescoes depict woman priests. It is known that in the early church there were deaconesses, which perhaps is depicted in this fresco, but what is even more likely is that it is simply a woman in prayer — in what is commonly called the “orans” posture for prayer.

  • Sunny

    The Roman Catholics should also explain the existence of a woman apostle as recorded in the last chapter of Romans….

  • Carl Diederichs

    Or they could be priests.

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  • Ralph Hythloday

    “Il papa also let it be known that he did not like rightwing traditionalist Catholics disrupting an interfaith Kristallnacht service at the Buenos Aires cathedral”

    Again, the people who disrupted the Kristallnacht service were NOT Catholics, they were members of the Society of Pope Pius X, a heretical group, that has no canonical status (i.e. is not in communion) with the Catholic Church.

  • Ralph Hythloday

    “Because Ibrahim Lincoln, who was also born in Kenya, apparently didn’t use it. And it’s the version Ken Burns gave him to read.”

    Lincoln did use “God” in his speech. Check out the Associated Press reporter’s transcription of the speech.

  • Larry

    What a dodge! “No canonical status”, is not nearly a clear disassociation as excommunication of the group would be. Even the excommunication of some of their bishops was overturned. They are Catholics, but an embarrassment.

  • Larry

    And you had no problems with “Ibrahim Lincoln” or “also born in Kenya”? Okay

  • John

    let me understand. You choose to except what a journalist with limited time to do scholarly historical research instead of an historian who has spent years studying this particular subject?
    You seem so “sure” of your “truth” based on a single report. Hmmm. Maybe you should examine your preconceived assumptions about what is “fact.”

  • Earold D Gunter

    My favorite part. “Preaching intolerance is a form of militancy that must be overcome,” Francis told a delegation on Tuesday.
    Anxious to see if the catholic conservatives will heed his admonition. I don’t have faith though….get it?

  • Ralph Hythloday

    I’m sorry, I should have been clearer. I meant the transcription of the AP reporter WHO WAS ACTUALLY AT THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS. And yes, I will *accept* a primary source, absent any evidence that it was somehow a fraud.

  • Ralph Hythloday

    I had no problem with that because I can tell the difference between (attempted) humor and historical inaccuracies.

  • Larry

    Works for me. =)

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  • Leroy Seat

    Concerning the deaths of Pres. Kennedy, C.S. Lewis, and A. Huxley being on the same day, you might be interested in reading my blog posting about that at http://theviewfromthisseat.blogspot.com/2013/11/between-heaven-and-hell.html.

  • Kevan Scott

    Someone try to explain to me what the hell is wrong with helping people to sign up for health care is? Christianity has left me, I didn’t leave it! I’ll take my chances with the brown skinned man from Nazereth instead of this bunch of hypocrites !

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