Activists end immigration fast as thousands of others take up the cause

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President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama pose for a photo with fasters for immigration reform.  Photo courtesy Fast4Families

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama pose for a photo with fasters for immigration reform. Photo courtesy Fast4Families

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WASHINGTON (RNS) The "Fast for Families" enters a new phase as the original group of fasters begin to recover from the physical ordeal and a larger group -- many of them political and pastoral celebrities -- take up the cause.

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  • Earold Gunter

    And in other news, my granddaughter held her breath for 20 seconds in response to her father not letting her eat a cupcake right before dinner.

    I believe that immigration reform must take place as well. However, I have never believed in the “hunger strike” approach to bring attention to your cause. It’s analogous with the republican attempt to overturn “Obamacare” by shutting down portions of the government. The end result of all of those type of protesting actions are the protesting action will eventually cease, and those they protest against know this, it only results in hurting those that protest, and since it is a self-defeating protest, the general population really doesn’t give a crap.
    Ironically in the case of the republicans (read supposed conservatives) it also succeeded in creating a short term social program that gave away millions of dollars to federal workers who were not working, through no fault of their own, and essentially got an extra two week paid vacation.

    The weakness of this type of protest is best exemplified in the paragraph “One by one, hand-fashioned wood crosses were removed from the necks of the initial fasters and placed around the necks of those who had just begun to deny themselves food. Unlike the fasters who lived in a tent without food for three weeks, most of the new fasters will keep their day jobs and decide for themselves what form the fast will take.”

    Like my granddaughter who could no longer hold her breath and had to breath again, and still didn’t get what she wanted, they also must cease their protest, and didn’t get what they wanted. Amusingly they have found replacements, although obviously not as committed to the cause.

    Change of this nature can only be forced by using tactics that are not self-defeating by nature.

  • Dave Francis

    Dec 4.
    How much longer are honest citizens going to further wait, for a Biometric Social Security ID card–that can ONLY be used by the individual it was issued too? All permanent immigrants carry a “Green Card” for identification. The federal government has the means to issue such a card, so WHY are they holding back? Cannot be the money—2 Billion dollars, well that it is pocket change to those ineffectual clowns in Washington who spend taxpayers money like water; much of ill-gotten-take going to their cronies. A national mandated ID would finally solve the problem of voter fraud, job theft by foreign nationals and additionally credit theft. THE UNITED STATES has invested likely hundreds of billions of dollars in the prior decades, to thwart the illegal alien invasion strengthen the border fence (so they say), hastening deportations, giving local police enforcement rights with authority to detain — although POLITICIANS completely ignoring employers who are hiring foreign nationals with indifference to the law.

    Currently the demand by THE PEOPLE–the real 700 hundred mile double layer fence, isn’t going to happen; demand for illegal entry into America punishable as a felony, isn’t going to happen; demand for the Birthright citizenship Act, to stop children of illegal aliens getting instant citizenship, isn’t going to happen; harsh penalties for employers hiring illegal alien workers, isn’t going to happen—especially under the Obama authoritarian administration. He has gone too far, as not recognizing the laws existing in the Constitution. Admit tingly, a number of presidents have either written their own laws, and used Presidents directive—but this man has more or less ignored the principles in the Rule of Law and dismissed the U.S. Constitution and taken it upon himself to ignore the House of Representatives. It is the responsibility as THE PEOPLE to speak up and fight against this tyranny.

    The TEA PARTY is a satellite growing away from the Republican establishment and is a resolute partner of every Conservative ideology, which guards our sovereignty and freedom against corrupt policies in Congress. Avid readers should introduce themselves to Watchdog, Numbersusa and Judicial Watch examining the corruption in Washington and the 50 states. Apart from the illegal immigration Senate policy under review, Obamacare is in a lot of trouble. More people are signing up for Medicaid than the other insurance so far. To repeat the only champions of the Affordable Care Act are “deadbeats” and illegal aliens with procured Social Security numbers, whereas taxpayers will cover the costs for both categories. REAL ENFORCEMENT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, SINCE BIG BUSINESS AND OTHER SPECIAL INTERESTS HAVE BROUGHT THE MAJORITY OF OUR POLITICIANS.

    All these issues, in the majority of instances can be resolved — by means of a biometric identity card — and they must be resolved as part of any rational refurbishing of the nation’s immigration system. Government and Congress need the thrust from the American people in demanding this long awaited tool. Today’s Social Security can be easily copied by the technology we have at home or office, so honest employers are NO LONGER easily fooled. The new generation of tamper-proof SS ID card would make the current piece of cardboard—obsolete.

    The detractors of the Senate immigration reform are accurate that the last big attempt to fix the system, THE REFORM AND CONTROL ACT of 1986, was poorly implemented; it was a well known fact that the processing program was riddled with layers of fraud. Supposedly 5 Million Illegal aliens were given amnesty but without any effective policy to halt future illegal migrants from entering this nation via the border or alighting from an aircraft with intentions of overstaying their expired visas. Again supposedly that 5 million has turned currently into 11 million, if you’re gullible enough to believe it? These numbers are based on the last Census, and people who are here illegally had no intentions of being counted as they are shy of government people; nobody can really give a relevant number of illegal squatters, but numbers range as high as 30 million plus as they arrive daily?

    Passports are being issued with an electronic chip that identifies the holder, so delivering to every citizen a biometric ID card would be a phenomenal safety document that would have other exclusive uses; stopping foreign workers from gaining work from unsuspecting employers; additional benefits to retire voter fraud that would satisfy Republicans, although Liberals are sure to fight it, as than non-citizens will not be able to find access; and as a supplement credit ID theft, that is incessantly rising and the only winners the companies whose watchful electronic eye, informs you when something sinister is happening.

    How much more are THE PEOPLE willing to take? A poorly organized health care plan shoved down our throats. Now we must acknowledge 24/7 surveillance in our lives of which encroaches on our freedoms and other rights. Systematic dismantling of American sovereignty, decimating our military, dividing our nation and bleeding our nation dry with entitlements. His machine is ensuring that people become addicted to the NANNY STATE; something for nothing? They’ve gone so far as to buy future votes from illegal aliens by promising amnesty. Obama has turned America into a country that’s gradually becoming unrecognizable. His regime is corrupt and dangerous, a radical power and an enemy of America.

  • Duane Lamers

    Interesting, isn’t it, how we already have immigration laws on the books that both political parties’ presidents have refused to enforce because they saw votes in it for their inaction.

    Interesting, too, is the current crop of socialists’ claims that “the law’s the law” when they talk about the inviolability of Obamacare legislation–although they allow Obama to tamper with his law as he sees fit in order to keep voters on his side.

    I agree that some accommodation should be made for the current illegal aliens who were brought here as children, have since grown up, and wish to remain here. They know no other country.

    The work that is being done in this country by the illegals is work that could be done by citizens who get their subsistence from taxpayers rather than from paychecks. We use our own initiative to raise ourselves up and graduate to better jobs and higher pay. We do not pay federal or local workers to merely accept the word of people that they cannot work and then add them to the taxpayers’ burden.

    This probably will not address all the unemployment. Technology is making that more difficult. It is a fact, however, that there is currently widespread abuse in the various welfare programs, abuse by program officials themselves as well as by recipients.

    We can find out who the “truly poor” are in this country and address their needs. Our government is not interested in doing this because reducing dependency also reduces the chances of implementing the socialist agenda, one owned by both political parties.