10 things to expect from my ‘Faitheist’ column

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You may be asking yourself: What on earth is a ‘faitheist’? It’s been years since I first heard the term “faitheist”—a pejorative used by some atheists to describe other nontheists who seem too accommodating of religion. As an atheist and an interfaith activist, I decided that I liked the word enough to embrace it. I […]

  • Yay yay yay! Welcome Chris!

    – Your friend in Spokane 🙂

  • Awesome, man. Compared to some of my antitheist buddies, your tone is quite refreshing. I just happened to order Faitheist the other day too – looking forward to learning more about you and your perspective on here!

  • Great stuff. I look forward to reading good things. By the way, I contacted the American Atheists in regards to their 2014 national convention in Salt Lake City and referenced our conversation at Utah Valley University. I suggested we put together a public dialogue on civility and mutual cooperation for the commong good in the public square in connection with the event, and they like the idea. We are pursuing it. I hope you attend that convention. Keep up the good work

  • I saw your face on “The O’Reily Factor”, however came into the program too late to follow the discussion, nonetheless I belief to understand what you are aiming at. As an old man, I am 83 in January, I have life-long religious friends of all denominations, some mildly so, who accept my thinking, some extremely, like the Dutch protestant people in Africa, who you might understand I do not discuss religion with, but have nevertheless connections with. However, over the years, since my 16 birthday I lost all faith, not in humanity but in Religion, full stop, all of them. I do not hate what if it is actually, what Jesus stood for, but detest what ‘religion’ has made of this person, and the world wide disturbances to put it mildly, that are the cause of it. For the moment as an Atheist, I have nothing to add, but wish you all the best in your efforts to bring humanity together in good harmony.

  • Hi there, Chris. I’m so glad that you will be blogging again! I miss reading your posts at NonProphet Status. I’ve got you in my RSS reader already! 🙂