Does Sarah Palin know any atheists?

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Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin. Photo courtesy David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for celebrities to roll out Christmas-themed items timed to cash in on America’s obsession with eggnog and twinkling lights. Among those competing for a spot beneath the tree this year, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin—rarely one to miss an opportunity to jump into the fray—has recently released a […]

  • robert Hussein

    Muhammad piss be upon him is killing us left, and right , in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, …, and terrorizing unbelievers everywhere , Jesus, who is offered as the paradigm of love and compassion, threatened that nonbelievers will be thrown “into the furnace of fire” I wonder how can an atheist penetrate the barrier and suspicion that confronts him.

  • Paul

    Fair point Robert. But not every theist interprets the sacred scripture of their faith the same way. That’s the wonderfully (and cursedly) beautiful thing about humanity- the diversity of our thoughts.

    I’m a Christian minister who sees Jesus in a very different light, and I for one do not see it as my goal in life to convert the masses… but rather, as Chris writes so beautifully of his humanist community, strive to live out our values (of love, peace and care for ALL people) and serve our fellow human beings (no strings attached, no condemnation publicly yelled or secretly whispered).

  • gilhcan

    The real question should be, does Sarah Palin know any real Christians, any Christians who genuinely attempt to try to imitate Jesus, because she and her kind only use Christianity for their political purposes, as in the way she released her exorcism, or whatever that bit of religious entertainment was, when she was running with John McCain in 2008. That woman will exploit anything for a buck. Even a penny, as worthless as those have become.

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