It’s a Yoda-Muslim kind of Christmas…

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Christmas Ornament of the famed Muslim saint, St. Yoda

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Christmas Ornament of the famed Muslim saint, St. Yoda

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The sacred is not a zero sum game for me. Participating in Christmas does not dilute my own Muslim faith. I am not for uncritical assimilation, but I also have enough confidence in the beauty of where I stand to recognize the beauty of where my fellow human beings stand.

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  • Deb

    I will say this In the nicest most possible way I can- if there are Christians who don’t celebrate christmas because 1. Jesus wasn’t born in December let alone the winter and 2. It is not mentioned or celebrated anywhere in the Bible or by any of the Prophets ever, therefor it is not an actual Chriatian holiday, why on earth would non-Christians celebrate this holiday with forced meaning and symbolism that can no longer mask the commercial push behind it? It’s a superficial holiday and people only celebrate it because it’s a cultural norm. One can force all the “religious” aspects they want on it, but we are only fooling ourselves. This holiday is nothing more than another invention of man. I hope you can underatand my point of view.

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  • Born Human

    i’m quite suprised Prof Omid u celebrate Christmas..Such an high intellectual should aware where the origin of chritsmas celebration. the 25th December itself originated from pagan sun-god. The tree decoration never been been a biblical in origin but rather from the pre-christian pagan roman culture. Imposing inaccurate spiritual symbolism which never existed in the first place is quite disheartening. i love to read all your posts but this seems to me very inproper to come from a well respected prof.

  • Sana

    Oh God, I just can’t believe the comments I’m reading from the previous readers. Still condescending. Whatever happened to tolerance and let live. People who want to celebrate, great go right ahead. People who don’t want to well then don’t. What is the problem there?! Sadly it’s all about the clash of egos and proving to others g

  • Sana

    …..proving to others how what I think is right and what others believe in is wrong.