• Mark Farmer

    Is Mark Driscoll really a Southern Baptist? I have my doubts.

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  • Yonat Shimron

    You’re right. I’ve corrected the mistake.

  • Doc Anthony

    “It is a messed up situation when Miley Cyrus gets a laugh, and Phil Robertson gets suspended.”

    — Gov. Bobby Jindal

  • Kevan Scott

    Your whole column today is a primer for why I no longer practice religion in any form, especially Christianity. Plagerizers, bigots, haters, and I think that was just in the 1st paragraph today. Have they no shame!?! Quick answer: No! Just a good old fashioned love of fleecing the flock and authorizing yourself a big salary because you think you’re important. Well, no matter your name, I have news for you: You’re not!

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  • Larry

    Yeah equating sexually suggestive behavior directed is equivalent to spewing bigoted nonsense. Its a messed up situation when you can make such comparisons with a straight face.

  • Larry G.

    Doesn’t surprise me. Driscoll plagerized because he can’t write. Very boring reading. Tells me something I didn’t already know. Yawn. Go cuss in the pulpit some more so spotlight can shine on you. That’s all you care about anyway, fraud.